Why Create a New Foundation?

The CSULB Research Foundation was formed in 1956 to administer grants, contracts, and non-philanthropic and non-state dollars.  Its duties eventually expanded to include the management of philanthropic dollars and endowment.  Like many universities in the United States, CSULB recently adopted a “two foundations” model that shifts responsibility for philanthropic activities to a separate entity — the CSULB 49er Foundation.  Delegating duties in this way allows the CSULB Research Foundation to return to its original mission and also facilitates a more focused approach to promoting philanthropy and managing donated resources.

How Will the CSULB Campus Benefit?

Because CSULB now receives less than 30 percent of its overall budget from state appropriations, the university depends increasingly on private support to carry out its important mission. The establishment of the CSULB 49er Foundation — a nonprofit organization dedicated to maximizing private support for the benefit of the people and programs at CSULB — provides the university with a partner to help it achieve its ambitious goals.

How Is the CSULB 49er Foundation Sustained?

The CSULB 49er Foundation provides essential fundraising and financial-management services that benefit the entire university (as well as surrounding communities).  To cover those expenses, the Foundation relies on a mix of revenue sources, including investment earnings, endowment-management and gift fees, and campaign surcharges, when applicable. All fee assessments are fully disclosed to our donors.

Who Serves on the Board of Directors?

The CSULB 49er Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of alumni, friends, and university leaders who share a strong interest in and commitment to the future of California State University, Long Beach. Board members serve as ambassadors in the community; provide skillful, efficient management of the Foundation and its resources; and ensure profitable investment of endowed and philanthropic funds.

How Do I Make a Donation?

All gifts to the university are important and appreciated.  Whether you give to Electrical Engineering or Elementary Education, Instrumental Music or International Business, Kinesiology or Comparative Literature, your investment goes a long way at CSULB.  And there are a variety of convenient ways to contribute: by phone or mail, via the Internet, or through gift-matching or payroll-deduction programs.  Stocks, securities, and planned gifts also are gratefully accepted (and, we should note, may offer significant tax benefits to the donor).

What Is an Endowment?

An endowment is an investment account that assures the bright financial future of CSULB. It is a collection of donated funds that generates earnings for use for a variety of educational programs and scholarships.

We invest the principal and then use the earnings on the investment to make a defined annual distribution (4.5% of a 36-month moving average). Any earnings above the distribution amount (net of fees) are returned to the principal so that it will continue to grow and offset the effects of inflation.

What Are the Tax Benefits of Funding an Endowment?

There are federal and state income tax deductions for contributions. We encourage donors to consult with tax advisors to optimize tax benefits.

How Can I Fund an Endowment?

Several endowment funding options are available. Often, gifts of cash or stock are used to fund an endowment. Endowments also can be funded through estate gifts, such as a bequest in a will.

Do I Have to Fund an Endowment All at Once?

You do not need to fund an endowment all at once. You may establish an endowment by making scheduled gifts for up to five years.

Can I Choose What to Support?

You may designate any purpose, including priority needs of CSULB. Generally, endowments fund scholarships, academic programs and faculty positions.

Can I Name My Endowment?

We encourage donors to name endowed funds.  Named endowments help our campus thrive, inspire the giving of others, and create a personal link to the university that will endure forever.

What is Required to Create a Named Endowment?

At CSULB, $25,000 is the minimum requirement for establishing a named endowment. Certain types of endowments require higher minimums; we are happy to provide you with information about the various funding levels.

How Will I Know if My Endowment Is Making an Impact?

The 49er Foundation manages more than 300 donor-established funds, which result in an average annual $2 million (and growing) impact on CSULB. Each year, the Foundation distributes an Endowment Report that illustrates the endowment’s growth and the thoughtful stewardship of your investment.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions?

Mailing address/location:

CSULB 49er Foundation
6300 E. State University Dr.
Suite 332
Long Beach, CA 90815

For more information about creating an endowment, contact the 49er Foundation offices at (562) 985-5778, or e-mail 49erfoundation@csulb.edu.

Once you decide to create an endowment, a development professional from the 49er Foundation will work closely with you to help define the features of an endowment that will honor your wishes and meet the needs of CSULB.

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