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California State University, Long Beach
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Core Commitment III:
Assessing Student Success

Barriers to Graduation

Graduation Green Light

"Graduation Green Light" is the umbrella term for three data-driven graduation initiatives of the University Center for Undergraduate Advising that target CSULB undergraduate students. These began about five years ago and have proven of great value. Destination Graduation reaches out to students approaching graduation and facilitates graduation within a four to six year period. Over the past few years, the center reached out to 1,028 students from the 2003 cohort, of which 536 graduated in 200809. Graduation Check-Ups provide immediate graduation advising, especially during peak advising periods with an emphasis on self-assessment that allows students to monitor their graduation requirements continuously. Graduation Check-Ups are provided to all juniors and seniors via daily workshops or one-on-one appointments. Finally, Graduation Green Light assists seniors who, because of circumstances, did not finalize their degrees, with the development of action plans that lead them to graduation. To date, a total of 4,209 juniors and seniors have been advised by these three programs.

Uses of Data

University Center for Undergraduate Advising staff use data to identify barriers, challenges, issues and trends which prevent all students from graduating, and develop graduation solutions that will benefit not only individual students, but the entire CSULB undergraduate population at large (CFR 2.10). Four reports were created by Enrollment Services and Institutional Research and Assessment specifically for these programs. These reports are now used across campus to evaluate graduating seniors.

Graduation Green Light played a key role in raising CSULB's six-year graduation rates for native freshmen to 54% in 2008 and 2009. These efforts have attracted some national attention. The Graduation Green Light Project was recently mentioned in The Chronicle of Higher Education ("At Long Beach, Success Is Measured by Degrees," June 12, 2009). Destination Graduation and Graduation Check-Ups were recently featured in the Provost's Roundtable sessions held in June 2009 by the Education Advisory Board in Washington DC.

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