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CSULB Resource Planning Process
Transmittal Memorandum Resource Planning Process for 2001-2002 Contact Us Explanatory Notes and Table of Contents Task Force Membership Resources and Requirements Forecast Budget Priorities General Conclusions, Recommendations and Guidelines Appendix

General Conclusions, Recommendations & Guidelines

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Planning in a No-Growth Era

Year-Round Operations
Enrollment Services—Application Processing

BATS Funding
Summary of Follow-Up Items for the RPP Task Force

Campus Planning: Mid-Range Goals
The University's Mid-Range Goals will once again serve as the framework for RPP budget planning. These goals define priorities for the campus for the coming 2-3 year period and will serve to guide divisions in preparing proposals and RPP in recommending allocations.

These Mid-Range Goals reflect major, all-university, mid-term priorities, not division-specific issues. The goals do not encompass all activities that the campus must continue, only key areas to be given special resources and attention over the coming 2-3 years. Eight planning areas of all-university concern have now been identified:

    1. Enrollment Management
    2. Resource Management in a No-Growth Era
    3. Year Round Operations
    4. Quality of Programs and Services
    5. Quality of the Physical Environment
    6. Common Management System
    7. Assessment, Quality and Accountability
    8. Non-State Revenue

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A comprehensive discussion of each planning area and a matrix cross referencing the recommended budget priorities can be found in the appendix of this report.

The RPP committee received the Mid-Range Goals from the Vice Presidents and resolved to use them in reviewing budget proposals from university divisions. Each of the divisions provided statements on how their proposed funding augmentations would advance the campus toward achieving the Midrange Goals.

Final recommendations provide funding that will help advance the campus toward most Midrange Goals. In the enrollment management planning area, RPP recommended continued funding to expand internship and job development activities directed toward students with disabilities.

In the planning area, "Quality of Programs and Services", RPP recommended funding to Academic Affairs to provide additional faculty travel opportunities, to assist with new faculty start up costs, and to provide second year faculty with three units of assigned time all of which will help advance the goal of strengthening support for faculty scholarly.

In the planning area, "Maintaining the Adequacy and Quality of the Physical Environment", the RPP Task Force has recommended funding for relocation and renovation of department offices, workstations for college instructional labs, police communications equipment and fire alarm certifications in buildings.

In the planning area, "Common Management System", funding is recommended for ongoing operations support for the Human Resource and Finance systems that will advance the goals to attain substantial implementation and maximize the benefits obtained from CMS.

In the planning area, "Non-State Revenue," funding is recommended to the Division of Academic Affairs for new faculty assigned time and expanded Scholarly and Creative Activity. Funds provided to University Relations and Development to support a new telefundraising management system will help achieve the goal to expand contact with our alumni.

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Not all Midrange Goals require new funds. Some goals can be achieved by allocating existing resources and some goals are already the focus of existing efforts, such as Year Round Operations planning and implementation as well as continued work on the University's enrollment management plan. Efforts to develop new student housing continue as well as initiatives to broaden the revenue base of the CSULB Foundation.

The University is now measuring its progress towards attainment of Midrange Goals. The Office of Strategic Planning has prepared a report on progress toward last year's goals. To make this information easily available to the campus, the web site provides the full text of the current year's goals, last year's goals and the progress report at

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