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  CSU Long Beach ALERT Products & Accomplishments

  •  Igneous Rock Tour This module is designed to allow you to learn about igneous rocks at your own speed using images of hand samples and rock outcrops in their natural settings. The site was developed with some funding from ESSE.

 •  Landslide Talk Story A tutorial about landslides, their features and factors impacting likelihood of occurrence. Many photographs included.

  •  Oceanography of the Southern California Bight: Perspectives on the Pacific Ocean Offshore of Southern California This web site, the Oceanography of the Southern California Bight, exists to inform people interested in learning about the Pacific Ocean offshore of southern California. Found here are satellite and other images with accompanied by brief descriptive text passages that provide insights into the various natural and anthropogenic processes and phemomena that occur in this region. There are currently sections on CIRCULATION, POLLUTION and BIOLOGY.

  •  PALEOCLIMATIC CHANGE ALONG THE CALIFORNIA MARGIN In an effort to understand Earth's past, geologists search for the clues that are preserved in sedimentary rocks. By carefully looking at the remains of life and bits of eroded rock, geologic investigations expose details of events that record Earth history. Each layer of a sedimentary sequence reads like an event in a book. Reading from the bottom up, the layers provide physical and chemical evidence that tell a story of geologic events and climatic change that have occurred through time.

  •  OXYSPHERE - A Beginners' Guide to the Biogeochemical Cycling of Atmospheric Oxygen This interdisciplinary website will help you learn about oxygen's multifaceted role in the environment.

  •  Sea Ice--Beginner's Guide An introduction to sea ice based on the work of Claire Parkinson.

  •  Sea Ice--Advanced A more detailed tutorial on sea ice. Data, maps and reference list included.

  •  Virtual Field Trip A chance to visit the field before or after a field trip. Directions to the location and geologic background information included for each sight.

  •  CSULB ALERT Accomplishments A detailed listing of our campus' projects and accomplishments through ALERT.

  •  Weather: Children's misconceptions, a review of the literature A literature review of weather misconceptions lists scientific ideas alongside commonly held views about the phenomena at hand. Reference list included.

  •  "Earth Systems in a Bottle" was published in the September, 2000 issue of The Science Teacher. The article has links to Project ALERT, our Geology 300I course and The Science Teacher's "sci-links" related to ecosystems (code TST0048) and food webs (code TST0049).

  •  Curricular Impact: Courses which have been impacted by ALERT and ESSE.
  • Geology 102/104 General Geology & Lab A web based supplement for 102 links chapter/lecture topics to specific websites.
  • Geology 105 Field Geology
  • Geology 160 Oceanography
  • Geology 300I Earth Systems & Global Change This course was developed with some funding from ESSE. It is a recommended course for prospective elementary teachers getting a science concentration.
  • Geology 370 Engineering Geology
  • Science Education 401 A Process Approach to Science This is an interdisciplinary inquiry based class for prospective elementary teachers. It includes geology activities and some ALERT modules.

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