Dr. Tulin  Erdim Mangir

Professor of Electrical Engineering

 College of Engineering

California State University Long Beach

Phone: 562-985-5774

E-mail: temangir@csulb.edu


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I have been an educator, consultant, manager, and trainer, worldwide, as well as, a world traveler. I have developed several product ideas, prototypes, troubleshot projects and teams for international companies, around the world. I have more than 25 years of technology and end-to-end product development, and large systems development and integration experience in academic, commercial and government sectors.

In addition to academic experience, I have a broad experience base in Fortune-500, as well as multinationals. I have also been a consultant to many start-up companies in high tech and Internet based businesses.  In addition to my academic affiliations, I have held a variety positions ranging from Senior Engineer, Project Manager, Chief Technologist, Research Director, Consultant to CIOs and CEOs, Co-Founder of many business units and companies.

My consulting clients include European Economic Commission (ESPRI Project), Thomson F.C.S., IBM, Nokia, Ericsson, NEC ULSI Laboratories, Taiwan ETRI, NASA (JPL & Ames), Brookstone, Intel, WSI, and others. I have been invited to Carnegie Mellon University, Keio University, Helsinki Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Ecole Polytechnique de Grenoble and others as a Ph.D.thesis consultant, over the years.

I have several patents, more than seventy publications and more than a hundred conference presentations and book chapters. I am involved in many professional societies of IEEE, ASEE, and Women in Technology International (WITI)- from its inception-, as well as e- Business Communications Association. (eBCA)

I belong to Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum, LA Area Technology Alliance (LARTA), Digital Coast Project, and UCLA Entrepreneurship Studies group. I take great pride and satisfaction combining technology with business needs and have been working with many companies as technology consultant, and systems consultant defining and designing business and technology strategies, building large systems, over the years

I have built many departments and business units from scratch, and the academic programs, I have developed with NSF (National Science Foundation) support, have been used as model programs by NSF and other academic institutions.

I am a Distinguished Lecturer (IEEE – LEOS), Distinguished Visitor (IEEE), and Fellow candidate for the IEEE, and am listed in various Who is Who publications, and American Biographical Institute’s 2000 Notable Women.


California State University -LB

Project Director, Strategic Planning for Information Technology

Professor, Computer Engineering & Technology

  • Started Network Engineering & Technology Program. Developed curriculum and lecture and lab courses (12), which were later used (and are being used) by other universities.

  • Acquired funding from National Science Foundation and private industry, to establish experimental Web and Network Technology laboratory. Built and managed interoperability laboratory. (Unix, Linux, NT, Novell on multiple platforms (Sun, PC, IBM), running TCP/IP, SPX/IPX, ATM, etc, and Microsoft SQL  or Oracle on the back-end). Wired/wireless interfacing and interoperability.

  • Led taskforce that identified current and future information technology needs for audio and video across campus and as part of the $1Billion+ CSU-wide Information Technology program, for Office of Strategic Planning. Defined most suitable network and information technology for audio/video/data distribution for distance and collaborative projects. Project includes translating needs of diverse groups into tangible targets and deliverables, as well as, proposal and product reviews of vendors and vendor negotiations.  


Professor and Research Director

School of Engineering

Computer and Network Engineering and Technology

  • Conduct graduate seminars in Wireless Networks, Internetworking and Distributed Systems

  • Supervise and work with researchers and graduate students in Electrical Engineering-Systems, and Computer Science- Networks on various implementation projects.



E-business, Information Technology & Information Systems Programs                                             

  • Consult and develop multi-platform (Microsoft and Unix/Oracle) based end-to-end e-business solutions for corporate customers and start-ups.

  • Develop curriculum and laboratories for Java, Web Technology, Computer and Network Security, Broadband Communications and Networking, Knowledge and Data Management, and others.

  • Have consistently increased revenue.

    (3Q99- 17%; 4Q99-32%; 1Q00 – 56%, compared to year-ago figures)

  •  Responsible for partnerships and sponsorship negotiations and deal-making, including international. (50K to Multi-million dollar range)

  • Manage a direct staff of 7, and indirect staff of 28, in addition to about 200 part time teaching staff, in multicultural setting, with very diverse needs. 

TM Associates                                                                    

President & Principal Consultant to CIOs and CEOs, and start-ups in a variety of industries (including as CTO  & co-founder).

  • e-Business strategy and technology planning, and development;

  •  Planning and implementation of telecommunications and networked information systems to support business/strategic goals, in consultation with other personnel;

  • Disaster recovery and backup planning and implementation;

  • Dependable/Robust Network Strategies;

  • Strategic  planning and integration;

  •  Business/operations process analysis and development;

  • Review, evaluation and recommendation of new application software (Internet, utility, etc)

  •  Expert Witness in IP (Intellectual Property) cases.

  • Acquire funding for start-ups and projects from private and public sources (Venture Capital, SBIR, etc). 


Systems Integration Group, Systems Development Division   

Technology Acquisition Manager, Commercial Communications Satellites & Wireless

Principal Investigator & Development Director, Low Cost Ground Stations Research and Product Development Projects

  • Extensive interface with customers, agencies, vendors to translate requirements into project           specifications for funding and proposal development.

  •  Designed, managed, and developed satellite ground station prototypes for a new product line based on client - server, UNIX, TCP/IP, and open systems architecture, networked over LANs.

  • Capability and investment planning in communications satellite systems, wireless/ high speed network communications systems, and large transaction based systems. Responsibilities included "deal making," project negotiations, funding negotiations between various groups.

Systems Engineering and Development Division                                 

Chief Technologist for Fault-Tolerant Design

Director, Fault-Tolerant Systems Testbed Lab.

Responsibilities included networked system architecture definition and design, analysis and definition of design methodologies, modeling and simulation, Hardware and Software testbed development.

  • Define and manage systems technology, for high availability, reconfiguration, autonomy, for mission critical systems (for both hardware and software).

UCLA School of Engineering     

Visiting Professor

  • Defined, funded, and managed technology research projects and contracts sponsored by industry or government (extensive interface with various agencies).

  • Taught senior and graduate courses and supervised masters and Ph.D students in Computer Science and Engineering.

Advanced Technology Consulting

President and Principal consultant to

  • European Economic Commission (Esprit Project), Swedish Government Microelectronics Program, Japan NEC ULSI Laboratories , Nokia, Ericsson

  • Defined new products, developed teams and defined team responsibilities;

  • Trained government and industry participants;

  • NASA, JPL, TRW, Rockwell, Hughes, Brooktree

  • Developed project plans and project teams;

  • Trouble shot and participated in technology projects, hardware and software design

  • Improved efficiency in finding novel high-tech solutions with cost savings ranging  20 %  to 70 % .

Xerox Corporation

Senior Technical Staff to Microelectronics Center Director (VP)

  •  Trained and managed technical staff ranging from technicians to senior staff

  •  Project manager  for design projects ranging from chip to systems design (electronics division) - (worked on first VLSI Ethernet Controller)

  • Project manager and responsible engineer for high technology VLSI research projects .

  • Proposed and produced new product which cut the lead time from 52weeks to 4 weeks, replacing a higher cost long lead item for the line of copiers, resulting in 70%  cost savings and reduced time to market.


(In addition to community service for University, and ongoing involvement as a college host, volunteer science instructor, member of Small Learning Communities task-force in our local school district:

ATA-SC Community School, Long Beach, CA.

Executive Director- 1994-1996

  • Develop Bi-lingual curriculum for age groups ranging from kindergarden to teenagers.

  • Organize fundraising events and grant writing for cultural programs.

Child Development Advisory Committee- SMMUSD (Santa Monica- Malibu Unified School District), Santa Monica, CA.

Chair-  1992-1995

  • Review the state of after school programs, develop curriculum and plans, oversee allocation of funds and develop measures for the quality and effectiveness of after school programs;

  • Review and recommend budget procedures, streamline fund allocation;

  • Develop policies in support of all parents, especially single parents;

  • Develop appropriate discipline guidelines for children in the programs.

ATAA, Washington D.C. (an umbrella organization with 53 member organizations)

Western Regional Vice President  - 1982-1986

  • Develop Media Material, give press conferences, TV appearances in panels, fundraising;

  • Organization of appropriate ad campaigns and letter writing campaigns.


Ph.D. in Engineering,            UCLA (Computer Engineering) – ‘81

MSEE,                                 USC  (Solid State Electronics/Digital Systems Architecture)

BS Engr.                               UCLA (Electrical Engineering)


MBA Certification – ’90       TRW

System Engineering Certification – ’91    TRW

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