Dr. Tulin  Erdim Mangir

Professor of Electrical Engineering

 College of Engineering

California State University Long Beach

Phone: 562-985-5774

E-mail: temangir@csulb.edu







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  • PhD in Engineering,  UCLA 1981 - (Computer Engineering: VLSI Architecture) (Minors in: Digital Signal Processing and Microelectronics)
  • MSEE,    USC    - (Digital Systems Architecture)
  • MSEE,    USC    - (Semiconductor Device Physics)
  • BS Engineering,   UCLA -  (Electrical Engineering: Digital Electronics)



Capacity Location
Teaching Associate USC School of Engineering
(Analog and Digital Computers)
Teaching Associate UCLA School of Engineering
(Programming (PL/1, Comparative languages)
Visiting Professor

UCLA School of Engineering  

(Senior/Graduate Computer Architecture; Graduate: VLSI Design, Expert Systems for VLSI Design and  Testing, Fault-Tolerant VLSI Design)

Tutorial Presenter

 Design for Testability; VLSI Design; Fault-Tolerant WSI ;                                         

Expert Systems for Design and Test; High speed Interconnections.

Ph.D. Thesis Consultant Carnegie Mellon University
Guest Professor
(Graduate Seminars)
Helsinki Institute of Technology, Finland   

Expert Systems for CAD and CAT

Guest Professor

Uppsala University, Sweden               

(Projects in VLSI Design and Testability, Artificial Intelligence in Design and Test)

Guest Professor

Keio University, Japan                                 

(Wafer Scale Arrays for FFT)

Guest Lecturer

Ecole Polytechnique Nacional, Grenoble, France (VLSI/WSI Design for Yield and Reliability; Yield Models)

Chief Scientist


(Fault Tolerant Design)                           


NATO Advanced Studies Institute, Como, Italy

(VLSI Design for Test and Expert Systems Applications for Computer Aided Design and Test)

Principal Investigator


(Commercial Satellite Systems, Networked Ground Station Design and Integration)   

Professor &
Research Director

UCLA & USC       

Distributed Internetworking Laboratory and Networking Research, Wireless Networks



California State University - Long Beach 



  • EE545 - Computer Communication Networks

    Design and analysis of computer communications networks including their topologies, architectures, protocols, and standards. LAN, WAN environments and access methods. Ethernet, ATM, bridges, routers, gateways and intelligent hubs. TCP/IP and other Networking protocols. Load balancing, traffic monitoring, use of simulation tools in designing networks, and implementing security. A materials fee may be charged. (Lecture-problems-computer projects 3 hours).
  • EE546 - Advanced Microprocessors and Embedded Controllers

    Advanced concepts for embedded controllers, mobile processors, network processors, embedded Internet, and embedded Internet devices. Parallelism, multithreading, pipelining, coherence protocols, interconnection networks, clustering. Simulation and analysis tools. Project required. (Lecture-problems 3 hours).
  • EE548/448 - Wireless and Mobile Networks and Security in Wireless Networks

    Wireless and Mobile Ad-hoc Networks and Security. Ad-hoc and geographic routing, resource discovery, medium access control, IP-mobility, mobility modeling, wired-wireless networks, security aspects. Lab will include: Wireless LAN set-up and measurements, Mobile-IP, ad-hoc routing, security tools. Also use of tools such as OPNET, Ethereal, Sniffer, Scanner, IDS, etc. Project required. Advanced project required for EE 548. (Lecture-problems 3 hours.)




Research and Publications:


Employment Record:

Full Time Industrial Experience:

  • UCLA DCE                                                                                             


E-business, Information Technology & Information Systems Programs (Exclusive Interface with Industry)

Consult and develop multi-platform (Microsoft and Unix/Oracle) based end-to-end e-business  solutions for corporate customers and start-ups.

(While on leave from CSULB College of Engineering.)

  • TRW                                                                                                                

Systems Integration Group, Systems Development Division            

Technology Acquisition Manager, Commercial Communications Satellites & Wireless

Principal Investigator & Development Director, Low Cost Ground Stations Research and Product Development Projects

Systems Engineering and Development Division                               

Chief Technologist for Fault-Tolerant Design

Director, Fault-Tolerant Systems Testbed Lab.

  • Xerox Corporation                                                                                          

Senior Technical Staff to Microelectronics Center Director (VP)

  • Burroughs Corporation (Unisys)                                                                     

Systems Programmer for Line Control Applications using Microprocessors.


Part Time Industrial Experience:

  •  TM Associates                                                                                      

President & Principal Consultant to CIOs and CEOs, and start-ups in a variety of industries (including as CTO  & co-founder).

·    e-Business strategy and technology planning, and development;

·    Planning and implementation of telecommunications and networked information

     systems to support business/strategic goals, in consultation with company personnel;

·    Disaster recovery and backup planning and implementation;

·    Dependable/Robust Network Strategies;

·    Strategic product and information technology planning and integration;

·    Business/operations process analysis and development;

·    Review, evaluation and recommendation of new application software (Internet, utility)

·    Business Resiliency  & Security Strategies

(A representative list includes: Intel, Specialty Labs, ChromaVision, IBM, Entertainment Arena, Touchstone Software, Nasa Ames, eMetalProducts, Cap Gemini, Patsi, KPMG, Backbone Communications, Guidance, Si Valley Research firms and Venture Capital firms.

  • Advanced Technology Consulting                                                               

  • President and Principal consultant to:

European Economic Commission (Esprit Project), Swedish Government Microelectronics Program, Japan NEC ULSI Laboratories , Nokia, Ericsson, NASA, JPL, TRW, Rockwell, Hughes Communications, Brooktree, Thompson EFC,



Awards, Honors and Recognitions:

  • Northrop Grumman Excellence in Teaching Engineering Award (2005)
  • Boeing  Faculty Fellow- Network Centric Operations- Communications (2003)
  • IEEE Distinguished Lecturer (LEOS- High Speed Networks)
  • IEEE Fellow Candidate
    • Was a participant in discussions with White House Liason for SBA on Women's Access to Capital," July 24, 2002.
    • She was recognized for her contributions to MentorNet, mentoring female Science and Engineering Ph.D. students around US.



  • Foreign Student Counselor Recognition, UCLA, 1971.
  • Minority Student Counselor Recognition, UCLA, 1975-1978.
  • Research Travel Grant, UCLA School of Engineering, (to present her research in Europe), 1978.
  • IBM Research Fellowship Nominee, UCLA School of Engineering, 1976-1978
  • Have been an invited lecturer for NATO Advanced Studies Institute, IEEE, various 1981-current.
  • Invitee, U.S. Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC), WSI Architectures Roundtable, 1983
  • IBM Research Grant, UCLA 1983-1986. (for Wafer Scale Integration (WSI) Research)
  • Young Investigator Award, IFIP WG 10.4, 1984-1986. (for contributions to Yield Modeling and Wafer Scale Integration)
  • Service Award - Fault-Tolerant Computing Technical Committee and IFIP WG 10.5 - (for contributions to panels, programs, and work in Fault-Tolerant Design)
  • Numerous invitations to Lecture, give presentations and chair sessions, 1978-1995.
  • Swedish Government (Defense Materielwerk) Recognition, Stockholm, Sweden, 1984-1987. (for Contributions that resulted in the Swedish National Microelectrics Program)
  • Research Travel Grant, ERSO, ITRI, Republic of China (Taiwan), 1985.
  • Research Travel Grant Carnegie Mellon University, 1985.
  • Voted "Best Industry Fault-Tolerant Research and Development Project", 1987, by DOD, DARPA, and NASA reviewers.
  • Technical Fellow Nominee,  TRW Space and Technology Group, 1990-1992.
  • Systems Engineering and Systems Integration Certificate, TRW Space and Technology,1990, (Best Team Leader and Best Team Award).
  • Community Action Teams Volunteer Award for 1) Affirmative Action for Minority Science Careers; 2) Volunteer Science Education, TRW Space and Technology Group, 1990-1992.
  • Invited Representative of U.S. Aerospace Industry to Japan, May 1991.
  • DISTINGUISHED LECTURER AWARD, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTER SOCIETIES, High Speed Interconnections for Digital Systems, 1992- 1995.
  • New Faculty Assigned Time Award, College of Engineering, Assigned Time: 3WTU.
  • Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee Award, Fall 1995.Assigned Time: 3WTU
  • Invited as a Senior Research Scientist by U.S. Army Research Office, Maryland, in the areas of Electro-optical Sensors and Electro-optical Interconnect Technology, July 1995.
  • NSF Grant for development of Undergraduate Teaching Laboratories, Grant No. 07-183796
  • CSULB Foundation NSF Combined Research and Curriculum Proposal Development Award, Assigned Time: 3WTU
  •  Scholarly and Creative Activities Committee Award, Fall 1995.Assigned Time: 3WTU. for proposal "ATM LANs and Impacts on Mobile and Wireless Computing Networks

  • ISHM CSULB Student Chapter Award, March 1996

  • Manufacturing Society, CSULB Student Chapter Award, March 1996

  • MIT/Pegasus Conference Grant to attend to "Systems Thinking" Conference in San Francisco, October 3-5,1996

  • University Foundation Assigned Time Award for Development of Proposal to NSF, Fall 96.

  • Invited to participate in CSULB Showcase to the State of California, October 28, 1996.

Professional Recognition:

Dr. Mangir is listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in the West, ABI Women's Inner Circle of Achievement, and Two Thousand Notable Women. Dr. Mangir is a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE, and a Fellow Grade candidate. She has given more than hundred presentations and has published more than eighty articles in design, test, diagnosis of digital systems, new technologies for diagnosis/design/networking, and design and development of commercial communications systems. She is also a Distinguished Visitor for IEEE.


Professional Society Memberships:

  • NPACI – National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure

  • IEEE -   Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Senior Member

WIE – Women In Engineering

IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Communications Society

IEEE Lasers and Electro-Optics Society

IEEE Standards Review Committee

IEEE Test Technology Committee

  • AUW - American University Women

  • WITI - Women In Technology International

  • eBCA -e Business Commerce Association

  • SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering (Optics & Photonics)

    •   (From French - Spécialiste de l'Ingénierie Electrique)

  • AIP - Association of Internet Professionals

  • LARTA - Los Angeles Area Regional Technology Alliance

  • Digital Coast – Southern California Digital Economy Alliance supported by Mayor’s Office

  • UCLA – Entrepreneur Studies Program

  • Caltech/MIT Entrepreneur Forum


Professional Activities:

  • Reviewed proposals for NSF Research Funding.

  • Reviewer for IEEE Trans. On Education

  • Reviewer McGraw Hill – Computer & Communication Networking

  • Served as Associate Editor and also on Editorial Advisory Board.

    International Refereed Journal  : “The 21st Century Engineer.”

  • Invited and included in the Info World’s First Edition of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) First Mover Directory  -2000

  • Member of Organizing Committee – 2002 SuperComputing Conference- SC02 Educational Outreach

  • Member  - Working Group on Network Technology – NPACI AHM 2/28/01, San Diego CA

  • Member – Planning Committee on Education SC02

  • Member- Planning Committee – IEEE Conference on High Speed Interconnection Networks (1989 - Current)


Professional Refereeing:

Reviewer and Referee for:

  • National Science Foundation (NSF),

    (Wafer Scale and VLSI Technology; ITR (Information Technology Research Proposals), Signal Processing and Network Technology, Nanoscience and Engineering))

  • IEEE Transactions on Computers

  • IEEE Design and Test Magazine

  • IEEE Computer Magazine

  • IEEE Transactions on Education – Virtual Labs & Distance Learning

  • Fault Tolerant Computing Symposium

  • Distributed Computing

  • Test Conference

  • Wireless Internet

  • Wiley Science

  • Prentice Hall

  • Martin Kauffman

  • Elsevier


Current Students:

Sanjit Kurup: - Study of Network on Chip Routers and Architectures

Vipul Joshi

Nirav Gandhi: - Secured Storage Area Network

Gaurav Gupta:- Interfacins Atmel's Atmega 32 with Echelon's FT3120 via I2C Bus

Eric Chan :- Frequency Syncronization for MIMO OFDM systems

Juan Chaves :- Creation of Thin Films for CMOS Devices using Sinfle wall Carbon Nano Tubes (SWCNT) and bacteria

Ahemt Ari :- Generic Access Network

Shanti Mandal :- Wireless Network Layered Security

Lijun Jia :- A Security Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Network

Quadri Oyeyemi Oyetunji :- DVB-H Mobile Broadcasting Technology

Cesar Quimbiurco :- IPSec in a Wireless Environment

Mukul Khairatkar:- Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Sofoclis Zotos :- RFID and Secirity Vulnerabilities


Contact Me:

College of Engineering

California State University Long Beach

Phone: 562-985-5774

E-mail: temangir@csulb.edu


Other Interests:

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My Favorite Poets:

Ozdemir Asaf

Nazim Hikmet

Sylvia Plath

E.E. Cummings

Literature and Books:
 Recommended Current Reads:
  • Collapse
  • Kite Runner
  • Tipping Point
  • Franklin and Winston








Jaun Chaves :- Using Singel Walled Carbon Nano Tubes and Bacteria In the Creation of Thin Films for CMOS Devices
Ahemt Ari :- Generic Access Network
Lijun Jia :- A Security Protocol for Mobile Ad-hoc Network
Quadri Oyeyemi Oyetunji :- DVB-H Mobile Broadcasting Technology
Sanjit Kurup :- Study of Network on Chip Routers and Architectures
Cesar Quimbiurco :- IPSec in a Wireless Environment
Mukul Khairatkar :- Software Defined Radio (SDR)