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James Waller to Elizabeth Smith, 3 February 1770 (Includes letter from Bridgen). James Murray Robbins Papers. Courtesy Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


Dear Madam

your Esteem'd favour I
recd and all the Letters for Boston are put
in Capn Freemans bag who sails for Boston
next week I am much Oblig'd to you Madam
for your kind Enquirys after Mrs Wallers
and Children are well, and as your Health
does not require you to go to Bath I
believe they will stay at Islington, if there
had been a Necessity for your going they
would gladly have attended and I believe
it would have been of benefit to you as
also my good Woman, I am very glad
your Health is better and Sincerely wish
the Establishment of it and every other Blessing

Mr Bridgen & Self will do
all in our Powers to get a Proper place for
Miss Murray and as soon as we hear of
one will inform you of it as also the
Terms, As it will be only for one year they
will demand a larger Sum then if [th-crossed out] She
was to stay 4 or 5; Be Pleas'd to acquaint
the Doctr that Capn Bell has put in our
hands proper Powers to receive ye Insurance
&c the owners at Glasgow now make some
objections to his Charges, We shall get this
Affair settled as soon as Possible and let
your Brother know as soon as we can get
the money, Capn Murray was in Lovell
Court yesterday in good health and spends

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