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Welcome University Educators

For the university classroom, the most useful materials will likely be the primary sources contained in the digital archive. Most, but not all, of the primary sources in the digital archive pertain to Elizabeth Murray. Students working on a variety of topics in the history of early America, the Revolution, women, and the Atlantic world may find them helpful. Accompanying each of these sources is a brief introductory text, full citation information, and, for the manuscript and printed matter, a transcript. Perusing those sources may be the most helpful way to decide which ones to select or assign for student analysis. The links to primary source analysis guides may be useful for your students as well.

In the supplemental materials section, both primary and secondary source excerpts have been provided, inspired by teachers' lesson plans; many of these materials address broader themes. In general, the lessons for elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms have been designed according to a standard format, outlined on the introductory page to the teaching resources section.

In addition to our archive of primary and secondary sources, University and College instructors may find particular interest in the guidelines for "how to use primary sources" and "evaluating web sites," in the left hand navigation menu. We encourage you to adapt these materials for your own use, visit the site in the future to see new archival materials, and send your feedback and suggestions to our project directors Patricia Cleary or Sean Smith.

For those teaching pre-service educators (multiple subject K-8 and single subject 7-12), please consult the assignment we've developed for credential classrooms.