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Trade bill, advertising broadside of Elizabeth Murray, [c.1750]. Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston


Imported from LONDON,

by Elizabeth Murray,

And to be Sold by Wholesale or Retale, at her Shop
opposite to the Brazen Head in Cornhill Boston, Cheap
for the Cash.

Capuchins, flower'd Velvet and Capuchin Silks, black Fringes,
Bone Lace, a variety of brocaded striped and cross'd
bar'd Stuffs and Poplins for Winter Gowns,FeatherSwan
and Ermine Muffs and Tippets,brown Padusay and black
ditto, striped and enam'd Mantuas, Lutestring ditto, Sattins of all
Colours, SattinPersian & Stuff quilted Petticoats,the newest fashion'd
Hoops, Caps, Ruffles, Stomachers, Tipets,and a variety of Gauze
and Paris-Nets, Trimmings of all Sorts, black Pink and [torn..]k
Mitts, Kid Lamb and Sattin Gloves and Mittens, Stone [torn...]d
Floss Necklaces and Earrings, Silver and Floss Flowers [torn...]ts,
Shoes and Goloshoes, neat English Stays, Shades and Lorains,
Womens Hatts and Heives of all Sorts, Silver Girdles, Twitchers,
Spangles and Bugles, Umbrilloes, Millinet, flower'd and plain
Lawns, flower'd Border'd Aprons, Ruffies. Canvas, Floss, fine
Shade Silk, Slacks and Crewells, Pound Silks, Silk Lacing, Ferret,
Mourning Crapes and Hatbands, Galloom and Worsted Binding,
Cotton Leisle, Flanders and Scots Threads, Tape and Bobin,
Silver Lace for Shoes, Everlastings, Ebony, Ivory, Bamboo,
Church and Leather mount Fanns, Waddin for Caupachins,
Silver and Gold Thread, Cord, Flat and Plate for Embroidery,
Macklin, Brussels, Flanders, Millenet, Dott, Trally and English
Cap Lace, Lappets and Lappet Heads, a variety of fashionable
Ribands, smelling Bottles, Hungary and Honey Water, Bagg
Hollands, Long Lawns, Cambrick and Muslin, Silk and Guaze
Handkerchiefs, Fans Mounts &c. &c. &c.


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