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Submit a Lesson

Please send your completed lesson plan and supporting documents as a .zip file or a simple Microsoft Word file to either Patricia Cleary or Sean Smith. The project will evaluate your lesson plan and let you know if we will include it on our site.



How to submit a lesson plan

This site will continue to grow in terms of both the size of the digital archive and the lesson plans available on the site. We encourage educators at all grade levels to design their own lessons using our archive of sources and to submit them for possible publication on this site.

If you choose to do so, please refer to the standard lesson format for your grade level. We would like to make lesson plans as consistent as possible for ease of use. Please be sure to include the standards in use in your district which the lesson meets.

Submitted lessons will be reviewed by team project members. Historians will assist you in developing, as need be, the historical background section. Lessons that are accepted for publication on this site will be formatted for the web. Please include the identifying information you would like to have listed on the site with your lesson plan, as in "Lesson Title," by Your Name, with grade level, school name, district, and state.

Using the site in credential classrooms: For an assignment on how to use the site to develop history skills, consult this assignment