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Four dissertations, on the reciprocal advantages of a perpetual union between Great-Britain and her American colonies. Written for Mr. Sargent's prize-medal. To which (by desire) is prefixed, an eulogium, spoken on the delivery of the medal at the public commencement in the College of Philadelphia, May 20th, 1766. (Philadelphia: Printed by William and Thomas Bradford, at the London Coffee-House, 1766), p. 55.


This tract contained lengthy essays on the merits of the on-going relationship between the mother country and the colonies. In this excerpt, one of the winning essayists, Stephen Watts, addresses the financial benefits of the trans-Atlantic connection.

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“I hope therefore to make it appear, that a reciprocal emolument will arise from a perpetual union betweenBritain and her American Colonies; as she may by their means greatly enlarge her trade and commerce, and become still more rich and powerful; and as they will reap the advantage of her riches and power, by being protected from their enemies and supplied with the conveniences of life at a cheaper rate, and of a better quality than if manufactured by themselves.”

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