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Jeremy Belknap. The history of New-Hampshire. Volume II: Comprehending the events of  seventy five years, from MDCCXV to MDCCXC.  (Printed at Boston: for the author, by Isaiah Thomas, and Ebenezer T. Andrews, Faust's Statue, no. 45, New-bury-Street., 1791),  p. 250.

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“1747…Another proposal was, that the two commanders should meet, and than an answer should then be given. Stevens met the French commander, who, without waiting for an answer, began to enforce his proposal, by threatning to storm the fort, and put every man to death, if they should refuse his terms, and kill one of his men. Stevens answered, that he could hearken to no terms till the last extremity; that he was intrusted with the defence of the fort, and was determined to maintain it, till he should be convinced that the Frenchman could perform what he had threatened. He added, that it was poor encouragement to surrender, if they were all to be put to the sword for killing one man, when it was probable they had already killed more. The Frenchman replied, ‘Go and see if your men dare to fight any longer, and give me a quick answer.’ Stevens returned and asked his men, whether they would fight or surrender. They unanimously determined to fight. This was immediately made known to the enemy, who renewed their shouting and firing all that day and night….”

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