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Boston Evening-Post, 1 May 1758, "Notice for Sale of Three Slaves."


To be sold by the Printer of this Paper,

A Negro Man, about 30 Years old, who can do both Town and Country
Business very well, but will suit the Country best, where they have
not so many Dram Shops as we have in Boston. He has work'd at the
Printing Business 15 or 16 Years; can handle an Ax, Saw, Spade, Hoe,
or other Instrument of Husbandry as well as most Men, and values himself, and is valued by others for his Skill in Cookery and making of Soap.


A very likely Negro Woman, about 30 Years old, (sold only for her fre-
quent Pregnancy) with a fine healthy Boy two Years old.


As pretty a Girl of Six Years old, as any in the Country, and as forward
and tractable at any Sort of Business as any one of her Age, black or white, can be suppos'd capable.

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