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Ralph Inman to Elizabeth [Murray] Inman, 13 June 1775, J. M. Robbins Papers, Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


Dear Madam

How unhappy was I in the mistake I made in the Pass to meet you at Mr. Russelss, it being directed for you instead of me was the reason you did not see me, as none of my friends were Knowing to it, neither did I pay any Regard on that Acct. I keep it by me to shew you when we meet wch I hope in God will be soon, being too much distrest to Continue any longer absent. It never was my Inclination to be separated for a moment, unless it was your own choice, what I have said or done, has been to Comply with what I thought woud be agreeable to you, for I assure you that my situation has wore me down & I cannot continue long to be so much distrest as I have Experience't since your Absence, The Course of my Life is to get up in the morning to Breakfast & do what necessary Business I can (wch is but small) get done & abt 10 Oclock at night I goe to Bed no more [torn-of] the Family do I see till next morning, Jackey was Published last Sunday & Anna is as deep in the Mud as she is in the Mire, his Vissitts are from morning to night, but she is Prudent & will not Enter Rashly into so serious an affair without Proper Consideration, This I speak to yourself, therefore you must not mention it to her nor any Body Else I cannot Interfere in such an affair of Consequence nor coud not in Jackeys, when I perceived a Determination It is necessary you shoud be in Town on her Acct. & more particularly on mine, I have wrote you & now do from my soul Request that you will come to Town & leave your affairs in the best situation you can, I claim no advantage my Interest I give up, if you cant dispose of your Servants to your mind bring them to Town, let us take the Chance with our Neighbours, I will bear any hardship to have you with me, my Spiritts will be insupportable to live the Life I do, I have gone thro' many tryalls, wch I thought

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