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Boston Gazette, 20 July 1772, "Inman Commencement party account," Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society


much hurt.

BOSTON July 20, 1772.

Joseph Green, Esq; is appointed a Justice of the Inferior
Court of Common Pleas for the County of Suffolk.

The Drought is very great at Hartford and other
Towns in Connecticut.

Last Friday 7 night a Shower of Hail fell at South-
borough, Attleborough, &c. some were as big as small
Bullets, and destroyed several Fields of Corn, Rye, &c.
It lay on the Ground seven Inches deep till next Morning.

Lately, five or six men died at Philadelphia by drink-
ing too freely of cold water while they were warm.

We hear from Littleton, that last Friday se'nnight a
Son of Deacon Benjamin Hoar of that place, a Lad about
17, as he was returning from aField to avoid the Show-
er, was instantaneously struck dead by the Lightning.

We hear from Needham, That last Thursday 7-night
a Son of one Mr. Chamberlain of that Place, about 17
Years of Age, was drowned in the Mill-Pond there. -
What's remarkable is, he was found standing on his
Feet, and his Neck bent but just under Water; whereas
if his Head had been upright, the Water would not have
been so high as his Chin.

Yesterday arrived a Snow in 60 Days from Glasgow,
Also a Brig from Quebec.

The Account given of the Degrees conferred on Mr.
Gordon and Mr. Niles, in the 3d Page of this Paper,--
should stand as follows—A Degree of Master of Arts
was conferred on the Rev. Mr. William Gordon of Rox-
bury.—Nathaniel Niles, Master of Arts, at Nassau Col-
lege, ad eundem.

Among the young Gentlemen who received their first
Degree at this Commencement, was the only Son of
Ralph Inman, Esq; of Cambridge; who, upon that Oc-
casion gave a very extensive Invitation, in the Name of
Himself, Lady and Son, to the Circle of their Acquain-
tance, to dine at his Seat last Thursday.

We are informed by some of the Company present, that
they found a Table of about 150 Feet, under a Canopy
on the Green before the House, spread with an Elegance
as if directed by the Fancy of a FAIRY QUEEN, but at
the same Time capable of giving the most solid Satisfac-
tion to the whole School of EPICURUS; while the Side-
board Range would have put a new Smile upon the Cheeks
of BACCHUS and his jovial Train. Poor VENUS indeed
and her Nymphs must have burst with Envy, had they
been present to examine, at one single Prospect, a brilli-
ant Group of more than eight Score Ladies.

The polite, cordial Reception given to the Guests and
their benevolent Festivity were mutually a Credit to each
other, and need not improve the Advantage of any stri-
king Contrast. After Tea, the Company were conduct-
ed to the Pleasures of a Ball at the Court-House.

Married.] NATHAN CUSHING, ESQ; of Scituate,
to Miss ABIGAIL TILDEN, of Pembrook.

Died at Bourdeaux, James Gay, Esq; aged 101 Years,

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