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Elizabeth (Murray) Campbell, Boston Gazette and Country Journal, 30 April 1759, "Advertisement."


Who has removed her Shop, from the next Door to Dea-
con Beauteneau's in Cornhill, to the Shop lately oc-
cupied by Mr. Gilbert Deblois, at the Corner of
Queen-Street, viz.

Brocades, striped, figur'd, enameled & plain Man-
tuas, brocaded and plain Sattins, plain, striped
and changeable Lutestrings, black and brown Padusoys,
Taffities, Damasks, black and crimson Cordusoy for
Mens Waistcoats, black and colour'd Cardinals, Capu-
chines, Polanese, Dauphinesses and cloaks, silks and
Hatts for ditto, Bonnetts, Umbrellas, Hollands, Gar-
lix, yard-wide, 7,8 & 3,4 Irish Linnens, Sheeting ditto,
Donlass, flower'd Minionett and plainLawns, a Variety
of Cap Lace, white and colour'd Blond Lace, Ribbons,
Necklaces and Earings, brocaded & sattin Shoes, Clogs,
Silk, Thread and Cotton Stockings, quilted and Hoop
Petticoats, Silver Lace, with a Variety of other Arti-
cles, to be Sold cheap for Cash or short Credit.

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