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How to use primary sources guidelines in the elementary classroom

Lesson Plans:

Consumerism and the American Revolution

Stamp Act

Computer activity:

Stand-alone worksheet for use with interactive timeline

Welcome to Middle School Teaching Resources

These lessons have been designed by middle school teachers. The teacher-authors of the lessons have followed a standard format, which we hope you will find helpful. 

Each lesson is organized as follows:

  1. Lesson title 

  2. Overview: This section contains a brief overview of the lesson, including a list of the materials needed, the time suggested for completing it, and the standards the lesson meets. 

  3. Historical background and bibliography: This section offers a brief introduction to the historical context and key developments, with a bibliography of recommended readings for instructors and students.

  4. Guiding questions: This section provides the esential question that guides student learning throughout the lesson and the answer to which meets the lesson's learning objective. 

  5. Learning objectives: The learning objectives are oriented to student achievement and outline the student outcomes for each lesson.

  6. Activities: This section provides a description of how teachers direct each lesson and how students perform and complete various activities.

  7. Assessment: This section suggests methods of assessment for each lesson and culminating activities.

  8. Extending the lesson: This section provides a list of additional activities and recommendations of helpful websites.