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Elizabeth [Murray] Smith to James Murray, 26 February 1770, J. M. Robbins Papers. Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


Dear Brother
[written in another hand: “Eliz. Smith Feb. 26, 1770]
Yours dated Dec: 24th I had the pleasure of last week am much obliged to you for the care you are taking of my affairs I hope you will not e anxious or fatigue yourself too much about them you desire to know what remittance I shall want, I think it will be better to pay the debts of as soon as possible than If you please I wou’d take the whole of the intrest. Thier is a great demand for money here, I have told the Doctor that I am determined to spend none of the principle that I will not be expensive myself & he shall be wellcome to what I can spare. Polly has been at Boarding school since she was ten years old, she has now finished her education & is a very capable girl understands writing & arithmitc very well, I advise to her going with Jacky & carrieing a venture of two hundres pounds worth

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