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Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to Ralph Inman, 14 June 1775, J. M. Robbins Papers, Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


June ye 14th (75)

Dear Sir

your very affectionate letter I recieved yesterday by Mrs Cordis am much obliged to you for seting this matter to rights I freely own it made me very inatentive to myself when they used to tell me I was in a place of great danger I told them with a chearful countinence we cou'd die but once & I was a predistinarian therefore had no personal fear not even when I stood before a company that made a presoner of me in a formal manner the day & evening the Girls were here notwithstanding my carelesness about myself be asured Dear Sir I did not neglect what I thought woud be most for your intrest I have carefully study'd it and if I have err'd it is in Judgement and if I did not see a fare prospect of saving your crop stock &c &c I woud immediately go to town & convince you how ready I was to obey indeed it is my inclenation but you wisely observe your income is only

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