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Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to Ralph Inman, 22 April 1775, J. M. Robbins Papers, Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1


I have the pleasure to tel my dear friends that I am well as are all under this roof you know how fond I am of grandure, I have acted many parts in life but never imagend I shou’d arrive at the muckle honor of being a Generall that is now the case, I have a guard at the botom of the garden, a number of men to patrol to the marsh & rownd the farm with a body gaurd that now covers our kitchen parlor twelve oClock they are in a sweet slep while Miss Denforth & I are in the midle parlor with a board naild across the door to protect them from harm, the kitchen doors are also naild they have the closet for thier guns the end door is now very usefull, our servants we put to bed half past eight, the women & Children have all left Cambridge so we are thought wonders, you know I have never seen troubles at the destence many others have, as a reward the Gods have granted

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