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Henrietta Maria East Caine, Boston Evening-Post,
11 June 1750, Courtesy, American Antiquarian Society


Imported in the last Ships from LONDON, and to be sold by HENRIETTA MARIA CANE, at the Sign of the FAN, over-against Doctor Cutler's, South End, Boston, Womens and Girls best London white tabby stays, ditto brocaded silk, flower'd ruffel and callimanco shoes and clogs ditto, hoop petticoats of all sizes, newest fashion fine scarlet seven quarter cloth, white Satten, scarlet, brown and striped lutestrings, fine English purple and white chints, fine cotton chints of all colours for gowns or furniture, striped burdets, persians, taffaties, tammys, callimancoes, plain and flower'd ruffels, superfine London shalloons, black brown and pink padusoys, flower'd and strip'd border'd handkerchiefs and aprons, and flower'd lawn ruffles for men's wear, striped Muslin, fine clear book and cambrick muslins of all widths, clear and long lawns, cambricks, Holland, garlix and Russia diaper, fine damask and diaper table linen, and fine clouting diaper, flower'd and plain dimothys of all sorts, broad and narrow yellow canvas, and brown and yellow hollands, best Scotch snuff, French hungary water, flower of mustard-seed, and Italian drops to fetch out grease spots, by large or small quantities, with sundry other English goods


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