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Click to access the ONLINE CATALOG.


Use this quick tutorial to learn how to use the online catalog of holdings.

When you click the ONLINE CATALOG link above, you go directly to the Library browser.

You will see a screen with seven boxes. Fill in at least one box to locate the materials you need. You may find the browse buttons with drop-down menus to be helpful, particularly if you aren't sure of the correct spelling of an author's name.

  • Select Any Word to locate references with that word or phrase in the title or abstract (e.g., domestic violence).
  • Select Title and/or Author if you have that information (e.g., The Child Welfare Challenge; Pecora).
  • Select Keyword to search by subject (e.g., Family violence). To use this search, you must use a keyword from the Library's KEYWORDS list.
  • Select Record Type if you know what type of resource you want (e.g., videotape, book).
  • Select Call Number if you want to locate an item by its call number (e.g., DVD 44). This is not a common search.
  • Select Publication Date if you would like to locate materials published in a certain year, or timeframe (e.g., items from 2008).

On the left of these boxes are small boxes with drop-down menus that say And, Or, Not. Use these boxes to make connections between two or more search fields. For example,

  • For results that include all the fields you filled in (e.g., Subject = Adoption And Record Type = Book) keep And in one of the boxes next to a filled-in field. Every record that is about adoption and is a book will appear in your results list.
  • For results that give you one or the other field, use Or in one of the boxes next to a filled-in field (e.g., Subject = Adoption Or Record Type = Videotape). The results list will include all items on adoption and all videotapes.
  • Use Not to narrow down a search (e.g., Subject = Adoption Not Author = Child Welfare League of America) will give you a list of all items on adoption but Not those by the Child Welfare League of America.

When you find something you'd like to borrow, click the link to put it into your cart. When you are ready to place your order, click on the cart icon to bring up your list. On the drop-down menu select Request to send your cart directly to the Library (our email address is already there). Please use the Notes section to include your full name and the address to where the item(s) will be sent. Your order will be filled and sent to your liaison who will alert you when it arrives.

NOTE: The email shopping cart function and mail delivery of resources is only for authorized borrowing partners (schools, agencies, and training academies). Students need to print out the shopping cart and bring it with them when they visit the Library.

Now that you're ready, for the searchable database of nearly 3,800 child welfare resource materials, click on ONLINE CATALOG.

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Learn more about the following new acquisitions by searching the
by Title:

Adolescent Drug Abuse (DVD and Book)
Brief Telephone Continuing Care Therapy for Adolescents (Book and CD-ROM)
Bystander Intervention and Diffusion of Responsibility (DVD)
Clinical Supervision: Theory and Practice (DVD)
Clinical Supervision and the Self of the Therapist: A Multicultural Perspective (DVD)
Communication Essentials: Listening Essentials (DVD)
Counseling Immigrants (DVD)
Culturally Alert Counseling: A Demonstration of Skills (DVD)
Foster Parent College: Culturally Competent Parenting (DVD)
Drama Therapy with Children (DVD)
Expressive Arts Therapy Groups (DVD)
Family Violence: Impact on Children (For Parents) (DVD)
Finding the Words: A Documentary About Children Recovering from Autism (DVD)
Group Counseling Demonstrations (DVD)
Inside Domestic Violence: The Power and Control Wheel (DVD)
Nonverbal Communication: Body Language, Gesture, and Proxemics (DVD)
Nonverbal Communication: Vocal Cues and Facial Expressions (DVD)
PARS: A Model for Learning Group Process Skills (DVD)
The Principles and Practices of Building Community: Age Appropriateness: .....Achieving Adult Status (DVD)
Real Life 101: Social Work (DVD)
Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Child Sexual Abuse (for Mandated
..... Reporters): Part 1: Child Abuse in Our Communities (DVD)
Review of Ethical Principles and Situations (DVD)
Sexual Predators in Public Places (DVD)
Systems of Psychotherapy: Qualities and Actions of Effective Therapists (DVD)
Understanding Psychological Disorders 1 (DVD)
Understanding Psychological Disorders 2 (DVD)

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Last modified: 22 April 2013