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Recent Applied Anthropology Theses at CSULB

Jean E Armbruster (1966). The Cost of Support: Stress and Social Support in Pregnant Mexican-Origin Women.  Jena is a Program Director of Community Outreach Services for the County of Los Angeles.

Misha McQuary (1966). Nutrition Knowledge: Its Effects On Daily Eating Situations In The Treatment Of Anorexia And Bulemia.  Misha is currently a Nutritional Analyst and advisor at a Health Clinic in San Francisco.

Holly Richards (1996). The Needs of Childbearing Women: Comparison of the Medical Model with the Midwifery Model.  Holly received the Outstanding Thesis Award, College Of Liberal Arts. She was the Director of the Women's Prenatal Clinic, Daniel Freeman Hospital, Los Angeles.

Judith Wright (1996). Native Americans In Higher Education.
Judy is currently a Social Worker in Los Angeles County.

Robert Bimbi (1997).  The Russian-Speaking Community in West Hollywood.  Robert is enrolled In a Ph.D. Program in Missouri.

Mary Norton (1997). Anthropometry of Infant Cranial Deformities. 
Mary studies in the Ph.D. program at the University Of Southern California.

Matt Oppenheim (1997). Transformation Learning and Community Development.  Matt was the Co-Recipient of the Outstanding Thesis Award, College of Liberal Arts.  Matt works as a Service-Learning Coordinator for 60 Schools in the San Fernando Valley.

Suzanne Padilla (1997).  Injection Drug Users as Peer Volunteers for HIV Prevention: An Ethnographic Perspective.  Susanne was the Co-Recipient of the Outstanding Thesis Award, College Of Liberal Arts.Suzanne is a Researcher at the Center For Behavioral Research and Services In Long Beach.

Virginia Hayes (1998) Quality of Life in a Nursing Home.  Virginia is an Administrator at a long-term care facility for elders in Los Angeles County.

Dana Barton (1999). Fieldwork Strategies Utilized and Challenges Encountered in First Fieldwork: The Experience of Five Applied Anthropology Graduate Students.  Dana is in charge of international sales and design in a Huntington Beach firm.

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