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To the applicant: Under the Federal law entitled the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students are given the right to inspect their records, including letters of recommendation. We shall consider all letters of recommendation carefully. We believe, however, that in many instances letters written in confidence are of greater utility in the long run as a means of assessing a student's qualifications, abilities, and promise.


You have the option of (1) signing the following waiver, or (2) declining to do so.

___1. I expressly waive any rights I might have to access to this letter of recommendation under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or any other law, regulation, or policy.

Date: __________ Signature:____________________

Name (printed): ________________


___2. I do not agree to the waiver above.

Date: __________ Signature:____________________

Name (printed): ________________


To the recommender: This form is intended solely for your convenience. Before you agree to submit a recommendation, however, please review the reference to the Federal law entitled the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 as presented above in the instruction, "To the applicant."

1. Please assess the candidate's promise as a graduate student in anthropology. Of particular interest are your personal impressions of the applicant's intellectual capacity, independence and originality of mind, potential for independent study and creative research, the quality of previous work, and any professional accomplishments to date.






2. Please evaluate the scholarly or creative capability of the applicant expressed as a percentile rating by placing an "X" on the scale below:



Indicate the population to which the applicant is being compared in this rating: __ Undergraduates I have taught or known __ Graduate students I have taught or known __ Individuals I have worked closely with in the arts or professions.

How well do you know the candidate?

___ Very well (contact with applicant both in and outside the classroom)

___ Better than I know the average student (contact in smaller classes, seminars)

___ As well as I know the average student (usual contacts in classes)

___ Not very well (contact in large classes but not large enough to exclude some contact or knowledge of the student)

___ Not at all ( contact in classes too large to afford an opportunity to be very familiar with the student's work)


I have served as the candidate's:

___ major advisor ___ Department Chair ___ teacher ___ other (specify):



Please indicate the strength of your overall endorsement of the applicant:

___ Not recommended

___ Recommended with reservations.

___ Recommended

___ Highly recommended


Name (please type or print):___________________________________________________

Signature:________________________________________________ Date:_______________________

Position or title: _____________________________________________

Institution and address:_______________________________________



Return this form directly to: Graduate Coordinator

Department of Anthropology

California State University

Long Beach, California 90840-1003