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How to Apply.  Students must apply and be accepted to the California State University, Long Beach using the forms available from the Admissions Office (explore the link to the CSULB Homepage, below).  Students must also apply and be admitted to the Department of Anthropology.  The forms for doing so may be downloaded from this page.  Residents of other countries may have special requirements--these are noted below.

When to Apply.  You can only apply for admission to the fall semester. Students may take courses in applied anthropology through University Extension Services without being admitted to the University or the Department of Anthropology but check with the Department's Graduate Advisor, Dr. Pam Bunte, first.  There is a limit to the number of units of extension credit allowed towards a graduate degree.

Deadline. The application deadline for the coming academic year is generaly mid-April of the prior year. Students must complete the general application process required by the University and the application process for the Applied Anthropology program.  Visit the CSULB homepage for details about making application to the University.

Official Prerequisites
1. A bachelor’s degree in anthropology; or
2. A bachelor’s degree with 24 units of upper division courses in anthropology, comparable to those required of anthropology majors at this University;
3. A  Bachelor's degree in any field and other background appropriate to graduate study in anthropology. Students whose background in anthropology seems inadequate may be required to fulfill specific undergraduate deficiencies before admission to candidacy. Deficiencies will be determined by the departmental graduate advisor after consultation with the student and a review of the student’s transcript records.


Requirements for Advancement to Candidacy.  Students in the Applied Anthropology Program must meet the general requirements for the Master's Degree in Anthropology.  These dovetail with the requirements of the Applied Program. They include:

1. Acceptance into the M.A. program by the department;
2. Satisfaction of the general University requirements for advancement to candidacy (including passing the Written Proficiency Examination, or WPE);
3. Approval of the candidate’s graduate program by the departmental graduate advisor;
4. The candidate must have taken ANTH 501 (Development of Anthropological Theory), ANTH 510 (Proseminar) and either ANTH 560 (Ethnographic Research Methods) or ANTH 561 (Computer Research Applications in Anthropology), for a total of nine core units.

Special Information for International Students.

There are additional requirements for international applicants and some special considerations for prospective students from the People's Republic of China. Click here for more information.

Application Forms.  The department requires an application and three letters of recommendation. You may download the application form, and a copy of the recommendation form here.

Application Form: Acrobat (pdf) version.

Application Form: HTML (web) version.

Recommendation Form: Acrobat (pdf) version.

Recommendation Form: HTML (web) version.

(You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the pdf versions.)



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