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California State University, Long Beach

What does an Ombuds do?

The Office of University Ombuds:

Provides information about the University

  • Answers questions
  • Explains University policies and procedures
  • Provides information about campus resources
  • Suggests referrals, if appropriate or wanted

Provides a safe place for discussion and reflection

  • Listens to concerns
  • Assists in clarifying issues
  • Uncovers and questions assumptions
  • Suggests alternative perspectives
  • Brainstorms and explores options

Provides informal conflict resolution

  • Facilitates interpersonal communication
  • Finds common ground
  • Assists in reaching mutually acceptable and fair agreements

Provides group workshops and individual coaching in

  • Skillful communication
  • Conflict resolution

Acts as an agent for organizational change

  • Informally investigates campus-related problems
  • Tracks trends and general issues on campus
  • Recommends policy changes to remedy systemic problems
  • Collaborates with others to improve campus life and strengthen community

What an Ombuds won't do

The Office of University Ombuds:

  • Does not offer legal advice
  • Does not interfer with a person's right to pursue formal options that may be available
  • Does not handle formal grievances, whistleblower, discrimination, or sexual harassment complaints
  • Does not make decisions for you
  • Does not participate in any formal processes such as litigation, disciplinary actions, formal complaints, or grievance hearings
  • Does not advocate for any party
  • Does not offer psychological counseling