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California State University, Long Beach
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Campus Admissions Process

For application procedures, deadlines and general information please refer to the CSULB admission website. Unprotected immigrant students are not legal residents of California.

For first-time freshmen applicants, the in-state admission standards also apply for graduates of California high schools. As a result, unprotected immigrant students applying as first-time freshmen, will be held to the same admissions criteria as California residents from their same high school. This same provision does not apply to transfer students where a higher transfer GPA is required of non-residents.

The admission criteria for teacher credential and Master’s programs are the same for resident and non-resident students.

Exemption of Non Resident Tuition

If the applicant meets the AB 540 criteria outlined above based on the affidavit and required supporting documentation, non-resident fees will be waived. The student will still be responsible for the payment of the State University Fee and other mandatory campus fees required of all students. These fees must be paid by the required deadlines to avoid cancellation of classes. Information on fees is available online.

Students who submit an affidavit will be notified via email once their affidavit has been approved. For first-time freshman applicants, this process may take some time as an affidavit cannot be approved until the final high school transcript has been received and verified. For further information about exemptions call (562) 985-7333 or send an email to

Changes to Immigration and Residency Status

If a student’s immigration status changes (i.e. they are now a permanent resident and have been issued a green card), the student must notify the University. The student must go to the General Information window on the first floor of Brotman Hall with their green card.

Note: Students who become permanent residents still fall under AB 540 until they meet the criteria to reclassify their residency status (usually after being a permanent resident for 1 year). For all residency criteria visit the Residency web page.

Once a student qualifies as a resident, they can file a Residence Reclassification Request.

Please see the University Catalog to learn more about the determination of resident status. You may also contact the Residence Specialist at (562) 985-7333 or

CSULB Campus Identification Number and Identification Card

When students apply to the University, a 9-digit campus ID number is assigned and will be used throughout the student’s career at CSULB rather than a Social Security Number or other personal identifier. Students who are offered admission and choose to enroll will be granted a CSULB ID card reflecting this number.

The Campus ID cards are issued at SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) for undergraduates or at the Campus ID Center located by the University Bookstore near Lot 5. The card is used throughout the campus as proof of identification and to obtain services. When obtaining the card, students should bring a picture ID. High school IDs are accepted.

Grievances / Complaints

CSULB has a formal standardized process to address student grievances that are caused by the action of faculty, administrators, or staff that result in an unauthorized or unjustified action that adversely affect the status, rights, or privileges of a student. Further, the purpose is to establish due process and safeguards that will be followed by the university in the adjudication of grievances. For information, refer to the CSULB website..