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California State University, Long Beach

Social Responsibility

Facilitator: Margaret Merryfield, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs / Academic Personnel

Topics of Discussion: Citizenship, ethics, value systems, values that help prepare a responsible workforce and an informed citizenry, the university as a change agent

Conclusions and Recommendations

Overarching goals:

  1. CSULB will be recognized for fostering leadership in social engagement, social responsibility, and social change.
  2. CSULB will be a university that practices social responsibility and hold itself accountable for its own practices.


  1. Ethics across the curriculum
  2. Offer out of classroom experiences with defined learning outcomes
  3. Environmental awareness and commitment to being a “green” university
  4. A CSU-wide requirement for community service (alternately, strong encouragement of community service)
  5. Funding and resources in support of these initiatives

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Social Responsibility: Your Turn

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