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California State University, Long Beach

Social Responsibility

Part 1. Brainstorming: What should the university be doing (goals) in 10 years in terms of Social Responsibility?

  • Shift from focus on workforce ethics to citizenship (preparing students to contribute to society)
  • Mandatory community service – CSU wide
  • Encourage community service and help others
  • University should serve as a resource for the community
  • Reputation for training leaders
  • Teach ethics across the curriculum and provide incentives to faculty to develop courses
  • Offer experiences that foster social responsibility
  • Curricular and co-curricular connections
  • Create intentional opportunities to create change
  • Become a green university (environmental consciousness); become a smoke-free campus
  • Required ethics course or every student in general education
  • Fund a commitment to social responsibility
  • Uphold our values/code of ethics (consider this in screening and hiring faculty and staff)
  • Safe place for students to go to discuss ethical concerns – publicize/increase awareness of existing services (such as ombuds)
  • Discussion group for faculty
  • Reduce plagiarism – create and enforce honor code
  • Reward student commitment for social responsible work
  • Create a center for the study of social change

Part 2. Developing a vision statement for CSULB in the area of social responsibility

CSULB will be recognized for fostering leadership in social engagement, social responsibility, and social change.

CSULB will be a university that practices social responsibility and hold itself accountable for its own practices.

Part 3. Ranking action items for possible implementation to achieve the vision.

Top Priorities for Implementation:

  • Ethics across the curriculum
  • Offer out of classroom experiences with defined learning outcomes
  • Environmental awareness and commitment to being a “green” university
  • A CSU-wide requirement for community service (alternately, strong encouragement of community service)
  • Funding and resources in support of these initiatives

Complete list of action items proposed by group:

  1. Require CSU wide community service
  2. Strongly encourage community engagement and service
  3. Create learning outcomes for out of classroom experiences
  4. Build in ethics across the curriculum
  5. Provide support to develop ethics in curriculum
  6. Require ethics as GE course
  7. Makes us a green campus – promote awareness
  8. Provide adequate funding for student engagement on issues of social change
  9. Values discussions connecting to global issues
  10. Create ethical code for faculty
  11. Sponsor ethical discussions among faculty and students
  12. Focus on social responsibility when hiring faculty
  13. Student honor code- reduce cheating plagiarism
  14. Train students, faculty and staff in communication/ problem solving/ conflict resolution
  15. Make sure students have open responsive place to go to with concerns
  16. Create inclusive environment for all
  17. Recognition for student commitment to social responsibility
  18. Internal opportunities for experiences in social responsibility
  19. Create Center for the Study of Social Change
  20. Develop leadership minor