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California State University, Long Beach


Connections breakout group   Facilitator, Valerie Bordeaux  Recorder, Deborah Hamm
Participants: James Allen student, Alan Safer, Math, Marnos Lelasi, Alum, Michael Losquadro, AVP Development, Clorinda Donato, CSULB, John Ayala, Dean Emeritus Fullerton College and Compton,  Ron Jackson, CSULB Director of Publications, Chuhee Kwon, CSULB, Physics, Matt Kaplan, UCES, Pat Rozee, CSULB Director of Community Engagement, Phil Sedano, Student ASI, Regina Columbo, Corp Ed., Peter Craison, CSULB, Professional Studies, Eileen Klink, English,

Combined goals/action items

  1. Integrate alumni and community relationships in the leadership of CSULB
    • Create a board of directors
    • Establish college-based leadership board
    • Create a culture of philanthropy
    • Educate elected officials
  2. Foster greater town/gown collaborative relationships
    • Establish office of Arts and Lecturer to facilitate and market lectures, performances etc.
    • Better utilize university and community experts thru media
    • Incentives for building relationship activities (RTP, internships)
    • Promote more internships opportunities
    • Surveying our strengths
    • Promote global connections with the greater community
    • Enhance business and community outreach efforts
    • Increase involvement with trade organizations
    • Examine current policies/ procedures
    • Exploring alternative delivery
    • Promote pride in the university/community within the community and university-
    • Create an on-line master events calendar
  3. Promote global connections with business partners to provide interface between curriculum and the workplace
    • Recruit executive from international firms to our boards
    • Invite international business execs to be guest lecturers
    • Promote international internships, study abroad and summer internships
  4. Reach New Audiences through alternative means
    • Distance learning
    • Off site learning
    • On line learning
    • Creation of a satellite campus
    • Video/ film presentations and other media/venues/formats.