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California State University, Long Beach


Facilitator: K.J. James

Topics of Discussion: Course offerings, student learning, assessment, internationalization, globalization, graduate education, service learning

Conclusions and Recommendations


  • Global learning. Objective: by 2017, elevate status of global knowledge skills to equivalent level of other skills considered integral to a university education.
  • Framed for change. Objectives: At the CSU level, remove roadblocks that cause delays to changes that would allow programs to respond to student and societal needs.  (Allow campuses some autonomy in establishing priorities.) Develop a culture that encourages and rewards cooperation & collaboration and change. Maintain commitment to ensure we deliver on our commitments.
  • Develop appropriate professional & applied doctoral programs; renegotiate Master Plan. Objectives: Build consensus on campus among faculty, staff & administration.  Educate Legislature about cost-effectiveness & feasibility of offering these programs.

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