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California State University, Long Beach


We're already doing a lot on this campus.  Can we consider this a continuation discussion?
Question:  How will we describe the academics at this institution in 2017?  Where will be in 10 years?
The participants & their interests.

  • K.J. James, facilitator for discussion.
  • John Regnier  Facilities
  • Beth Eldon, Biological Sciences, scribe
  • Dot Goldish Chemistry & Biochemistry, curriculum, special associate to Provost. 
  • Holly Harbinger graduate studies college of arts.  Concern about quality -- not just numbers.
  • Guy Heston  LB Transit, Alumni Association president.  Critical thinking / analytical thinking skills
  • Lucy Huckabay Nursing.  $12M nursing building.  Global/internationalization.  Need doctorate by 2015 or lose accreditation.
  • Richard Rakis International Studies.  New faculty member.  Accomplishments of this university brought him here.  Globalization, internationalization of curriculum an interest.
  • Lindy Griffin.  Chair of Women's studies.  Certificate in Grad studies
  • Sandy Cynar, BS, MS from CSULB; Interim Dean Engineering "renaissance students" interest in programs that resonate with students.
  •  Ortwin Ohtmer  Mechanical Engineering.  Main concern up-to-date teaching.  Joint PhD programs?  Need to change master plan & provide up-to-date education.  If not lose more jobs in science & engineering.
  • Carlos Piar, Chair of religious studies. 
  • Senior Student in Art Department
  • Dana Siegelman  Communications studies, president of ?
  • Bron Pellisier, Advising LA students, Learning Alliance.  Interested in integrated first year curriculum/services with goal of 90% graduation rates, and strong alumni allegiance to campus who could serve as mentors & contributors. 
  • George ?.  Senator at large. Learning Alliance; Increase prestige of university, better networking, outreach to alumni. 
  • Ken Curtis, Executive Director International Programs
  • Sheila Thomas.  UCES, commissioner on Status of Women.  Community outreach, ALI, International Singapore, Thailand, Bahrain; Distance education.  Self-support options... 
  • Gladys Garcia.  Lecturer in Chicano Studies. Choices in curriculum.
  • Beatriz Meyers.   Student in Communication Studies.  Encourage & mentor students for applying to grad schools. 
  • Bipasha Baruah, geography & center for India studies.  Development Geography.  International Studies.  Like to develop broader global perspectives.
  • Marsha Hirano-Hakanachi   Academic research & resources.  Chancellor's office.
  • Julie Rivera, University 100 writing in Chicano studies.  Concern about writing.  Diversity issues.  Outreach to marginalized students -- culture shock. 

KJ's charge:  Break into Groups.  Need to hear all voices. 
Address the question:  Where will we be 10 years from now academically? 
Brainstorm a few ideas in some detail. 

Suggest:  Eschew "one-size fits all" mentality.  Make goals "as appropriate."  How remove barriers to achieving goals?  Writing competence & the ability to think critically are universal goals.   Others may not apply to all students. 

Question: What level of response is going to be heard? 
A report of this meeting will be assembled for the president, provost, and academic affairs.
Here: Our goal is to identify a vision and to develop a strategic plan for how get there within the limited time available.

Break into four discussions.
1.  Graduate curriculum
2.  Globalization
3.  Creating identity &  -- first year, on to alum
4.  Content programs that resonate with students

Vote on priorities.  3 dots per person.  The choices:

Content (Pink)
1. MODES of Instruction to meet student needs appropriate to subject.  Alleviate Facilities & Transportation issues
2.  BASIC Skills (foundation, GE)  Magic bullet not work.  Need better integration throughout curriculum.  Built into new program development. 
3.  OUTCOMES Assessment

Graduate Study (Orange)
1.  Advisiong & mentoring UGs
2.  New grad programs & flexibility
3.  Faculty development -- keep faculty current.
4.  Master plan renegotiation to allow professional & applied doctoral degrees.

Global Learning (Yellow)
Students need to understand global nature of their work. 
1.  Get more students to study abroad 
2.  Link opportunities with real life (e.g. through internships with international companies). 
3.  Integrate global concerns across curriculum, even for those who don't study abroad. 

Create Identity (Green)
1.  Innovative relevant curriculum to engage students (intern / mentor / study abroad)
2.  Self-discovery - integrate identity with professional goals. 
3.  Faculty development - integrate & prepared to help students
4.  Recognition of value & excellence of CSULB.
5.  Framed for change -- responsive to changing needs.  Institutional response. 

Discussion:  Pool together common ideas.

  • Graduate Study & Create Identity both identified the need for flexibility in responding to changing needs.
  • Graduate Study & Create Identity both identified faculty development.  Faculty must be current in their fields to teach current courses, carry out research, and provide appropriate training for students. 
  • Graduate Study & Content both identified recognizing value & excellence, which requires vigorous assessment and continuous improvement. 
  •  Global Learning goals combined into a single statement on global learning & experience.

Top three after balloting.

  • Global learning.
  • Framed for change.
  • Develop appropriate professional & applied doctoral programs.  Renegotiate Master Plan, if necessary.

Need Context & Strategic Plan. 

Academics: Graduate studies

  • Master Plan defines who we are (mandate & identity).  Currently constrains us / restricts our ability to offer graduate degrees. 
  • We need to be able to offer independent professional and applied doctoral degrees that are needed & that fill demand not currently being met elsewhere among state institutions.
  • Faculty have capability & students have need/desire to earn these degrees.
  • The research necessary to offer quality degrees has implications for faculty workload & resource allocation unmet by current Master Plan. 

1.  Build consensus on campus among faculty, staff & administration. 
2.  Educate Legislature about cost-effectiveness & feasibility of offering these programs. 

Global Learning
Objective by 2017 elevate status of global knowledge skills to equivalent level of other skills considered integral to a university education.  Options include (no one-size fits-all)
   A.  Students who can avail themselves of international opportunities

  • scale up opportunities that exist
  • making international careers more visible
  • needs to be part of faculty culture

   B. Students who cannot go abroad.

  • infusing global curricula into courses.
  • using AV technology to fill in gaps.

Framed for change

  • CSU - Remove Roadblocks that cause delays to changes  that would allow programs to respond to student and societal needs.  (Allow campuses some autonomy in establishing priorities.)
  • Develop a culture that encourages and rewards cooperation & collaboration and change.
  • Maintain commitment to ensure we deliver on our commitments.