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California State University, Long Beach

2007-2008 Convocation Address


Thank you, Provost Gould, and welcome students, faculty, staff, Board of Governors, Alumni Association, Board of Trustees, and honored guests, to our new academic year at The Beach.  I first would like to thank our Chair of the Academic Senate, Professor Praveen Soni, for his leadership and remarks as we head into another exciting academic season.

It is indeed my pleasure to also welcome you to the 2007 California State University, Long Beach Convocation. Over the years, our convocation has become a very important event for our University because it is one of the few times during the year where our faculty and staff are able to come together collectively to exchange ideas and share a few stories. Convocation also gives me an opportunity to share with you our achievements over the previous year while also discussing many of the new initiatives that will occur in the upcoming year.

Since our last convocation many things have happened or, as I would rather say, “evolved” during the last year, and I will attempt to cover as much as possible in the allotted six hours that I have been granted here today. Actually, I believe it is a more realistic 20-30 minutes, because this is all you could probably stand.

When I told my 8-year-old daughter Madison that I would be speaking to a very large contingent of our faculty and staff this morning, she asked very innocently, “Why would they want to listen to you?”  The worst thing is that I really did not have a good answer for her.

However, prior to discussing our accomplishments and upcoming initiatives, I, too, would like to welcome the 76 new tenure-track faculty and new lecturers, who have joined us from all over the world with very impressive academic credentials. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge, talent, diversity and global awareness to our campus.  Would you please join me again and welcome our new class of faculty to our great University?

And in case you have not already learned, you are also joining some of the best scholar teachers in the world. Please know that we all will certainly do our best to ensure that you get off to a very great start in your new careers at Cal State Long Beach.  And as I stated last year, if you have problems of any sort, no matter how difficult, at any time day or night, please call our new provost, Provost Gould. That always seems to work well.

I also would like to welcome the many new staff members to our campus family. Ensuring student success and helping our students achieve their dreams is a responsibility of everyone at The Beach. It requires that academic affairs, student affairs, maintenance and facilities professionals, and many, many others within our campus community work collaboratively to create effective pathways for student success while also working to remove prohibitive barriers both inside and outside of our campus.

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