Parent & Family Orientation (PFO)

Parent and Family Orientation invites you to a special summer orientation designed to help you prepare your new student for a successful transition to Long Beach State. Since this time can be both exciting and challenging for the entire family, we offer a corresponding orientation program designed to complement your student's orientation experience. You will gain valuable information that will help you support your student's transition to the university. We are dedicated to connecting you with the right resources to support your student's success and ensure that the entire family can participate in a truly remarkable experience at The Beach.

By Attending PFO You Will

  • Learn about the university from staff and administrators
  • Learn about resources available to support your student's needs and success
  • Learn about financial services and scholarships
  • Learn about student life, the Beach Family, and hear from current students
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions to better understand the university and how to support your student
  • Meet other Beach friends, family members, and supporters

PFO Dates and Registration Information

The program registration fee is $35 per guest. As part of your registration fee you will receive light refreshments, lunch, and resource materials. Register for a PFO session by clicking on the gold Register Online icon above.

When possible, we encourage you to attend Parent and Family Orientation (PFO) on the same day your student attends their Student Orientation, Advising, & Registration (SOAR) workshop. Space is limited for both PFO and SOAR sessions, so please coordinate with your student as early as possible to attend the same day. (You are not required to attend PFO on the same day that your student attends SOAR).

Please Note - Parent & Family Orientation is intended for parents, family members, and supporters. Student Orientation, Advising & Registration (SOAR) is a required program for all newly admitted students. PFO and SOAR have separate registration processes, deadlines and fees.

Parent And Family One-Day Workshops For Fall 2019 Admission

Feel free to contact SOAR to coordinate your student's SOAR workshop with your PFO session ‐ call (562) 985-5515 or email for assistance. Please Note: We cannot guarantee that you can attend the same day as your student, so please coordinate with your student as early as possible.

PFO Dates/Corresponding Freshman Workshop Description

*All sessions are from 8:00am - 4:00pm

  • Thursday, June 20 (FULL)***-
  • Friday, June 21 (FULL)***-
  • Friday, June 28 (FULL)*** -
  • Friday, August 2 (FULL)** -
  • Monday, August 5 - SPANISH LANGUAGE ONLY - Registration closed
  • Thursday, August 8 (FULL)** -
  • Tuesday, August 13 - Additional date added

*Updated August 2, 2019

If you would like the materials sent to you electronically, please make requests by emailing


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Parent and Family Orientation required?

  • No. Unlike SOAR, Parent and Family Orientation is not required, but we highly recommend attending! By coming to the orientation, you will learn valuable information that will be helpful as your student transitions to CSULB.

Do I need to attend Parent and Family Orientation on the same day my student attends SOAR?

  • No, you can attend on any of the available dates. We recommend that families traveling from out of town coordinate their PFO and SOAR dates, but this is not required.

Is there a difference between any of the Parent and Family Orientation dates?

  • The content of every date is the same, but August 5th is delivered in Spanish.

What does the registration fee cover?

  • Your registration fee for PFO goes to the program expenses including materials, morning refreshments, lunch, resource fair, and wages for our student staff.

Are students supposed to attend PFO?

  • PFO is designed for the parents and family members of students. While students can register for the event and attend, the content of PFO may be repetitive since students are required to attend SOAR. Remember, if your student plans to attend they MUST register and they will need to attend SOAR as well.

Is there accessible parking close to the event location?

  • For guests with a disability, there are accessible parking spaces across campus. The closest lot with disabled parking spaces is E10. More information on accessible parking can be found on the Visitor Parking website. Please note that check-in will be located in a different area of campus near Brotman Hall. If you need any accommodations, please contact us at  

Parent and Family Orientation in Spanish / Orientación Parental y Familiar en Español

Interested in attending a PFO session in Spanish? Click here.
¿Está interesado en una sesión de orientación española? Por favor, haga . clic aquí.

College Abbreviations

COB: College of Business
CHHS: College of Health & Human Services
CLA: College of Liberal Arts
CNSM: College of Natural Sciences & Mathematics
COE: College of Engineering
COTA: College of the Arts
Liberal Studies: College of Education (elementary education)
Undeclared: Undecided or exploring multiple majors