laughton canidateLaughton Candidate
from Cremaster 4, 1994
Foam rubber, cloth, fiberglass
72 x 16 x 14 inches
© Matthew Barney

surgeon generalSurgeon General
from Skinned Deep, 2004
Latex rubber, fiberglass, cloth, acrylic paint
75 x 19 x 23 inches
© Gabe Bartalos

Gabe Bartalos: Abhorrence and Obsession

September 7−December 8, 2013

The University Art Museum (UAM), CSULB is organizing a major new exhibition with Los Angeles−based special effects artist Gabe Bartalos titled Abhorrence and Obsession to open on September 7, 2013. For over twenty years Bartalos has broken new ground and created constantly evolving characters and
sets—part set design, part art installation— that tie the psychology of emotional responses to the visual effects of the moving image.

Gabe Bartalos is a prosthetic effects artist who specializes in character effects and explicit gore. He has developed the prosthetic make−up effects for American visual artists and filmmaker Mathew Barney since 1991 with works including Cremaster 1−5 (1995−2002), March of the Anal Sadistic Warrior (1998), De Lama Lamina (2007), Drawing Restraint 9 (2005), and the 2008 Los Angeles live performance of Ren.

Early in his career Bartalos left his mark in the horror genre by teaming up with director Frank Henenlotter on horror classics such as Brain Damage (1998), Frankenhooker (1990), Basket Case 2 (1990), and Basket Case 3 (1992). He made his directorial debut in 2004 with the critically acclaimed surrealistic feature film Skinned Deep, which he also wrote and produced.

Bartalos ventures into unexplored territory and opens up a new dialogue that pushes us to rethink our ideas about visual effects and character design in relation to film, the visual arts and the film audience.

The exhibition will showcase twenty−eight works including seven large scale pieces Bartalos produced for Matthew Barney's Cremaster Cycle, such as Loughton Candidate, Zombie−Horse, and Zombie (Gary Gilmore). Among these works, there will be key set designs from a range of cult horror films designed by Bartalos, including Brain Damage, Skinned Deep, and Basket Case.

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