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January 26−April 14, 2013

In October 2012, the University Art Museum gave a survey to more than 770 undergraduate students at California State University Long Beach, asking them to share what they think about art and their experiences at art museums. The goal of the survey, called I AM UAM, is to better understand how museumgoers—especially the Millennial−age adults who make up more than 50 percent of our visitors—engage in the arts.

Ultimately, the data from the I AM UAM survey will help the University Art Museum to think about the best ways to devise innovative exhibition, interpretive, and educational programming to enhance visitor experiences in the future.

I AM UAM– The Exhibition
From January 26−April 14, 2013, the University Art Museum presents I AM UAM in an exhibition space designed as a casual “think tank” and reading room. For the duration of the I AM UAM exhibition, visitors will be invited to review, respond, and contribute new data to the project in “real time”—and in the process, become important participants in the research as well.

I AM UAM will include:
• Colorful graphs and charts that present the data and provide nuanced interpretations.
• 90 videos in which students discuss their responses to the survey question:
"If you could use one word to describe your generation, what would it be?"
• Playful interactive exhibit components include Instagram stations for visitors to make their own observations about art, museums, and other art−related topics; Ipad surveys; and other “feedback”−based creative activities.

Through the ongoing I AM UAM initiative and longitudinal research, the UAM intends for our institution to be a laboratory in which contributions by our visitors help us to test new strategies for engaging our audience both on−site and in the community.

The I AM UAM survey, research, and exhibition is designed and implemented by UAM Curator of Exhibitions Kristina Newhouse and Curator of Education Brian Trimble in partnership with CSULB Professor of Human Development Beth Manke, with assistance from Christina Alegria, Sol ah Lim, Alexis Pina, and Melissa Purves. The I AM UAM logo was designed by Remo Bangayan.


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