the celestial spheres The Celestial Spheres, 2009
HD Video with score
by David T. Little
Length: 6 minutes 16 second
in a continuous loop.

the celestial spheresThe Celestial Spheres
Installation view

The Celestial Spheres by Timothy Hutchings

January 28−February 21, 2010

The University Art Museum, CSULB is pleased to premiere the West Coast screening of The Celestial Spheres, a video by New York based artist Timothy Hutchings. Hutchings works in a variety of media including video, sculpture and works on paper. He has exhibited nationally and internationally at venues including P.S.1/MOMA, the New Museum in New York City, the Centro de Arte de Salamanca and Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Spain, and the Borusan Cultural Center in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Celestial Spheres incorporates a palette of shapes and colors that are reminiscent of the work of Oskar Fischinger and other experimental animators. The video uses overly simplified imagery and colors that allows the viewer freedom to interpret the work in many different ways. Orb–like entities interact in trance–like rhythmic motion, suggesting they are animate and in communion with each other. Obscure noises provide a soundtrack that also assists in abstracting the narrative, and delaying or impeding a complete comprehension of the work.

It is Hutchings’ desire to tease the viewers’ imagination by layering and playing with recurring shapes and their movements, as opposed to forcing an unfolding narrative. Although the scenes appear unscripted with no defined beginning or end, the viewer is invited to reach his/her own conclusion in what Hutchings describes as an “ah-ha” moment. Others may never make the connection to the artist’s true source material, which he feels is not imperative to interpreting the work.

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