versuchsgelaende Versuchsgelaende (Testing Ground) (detail), 2005
Artificial turf, trees, moss, and acrylic domes
84 x 76 x 18 inches
Courtesy of Lothar Schmitz

Lothar Schmitz: Survival Strategies

January 24−April 20, 2008

The University Art Museum is pleased to present Lothar Schmitz: Survival Strategies. Lothar Schmitz is an artist and a physicist. His installations combine intuitive aesthetic studies and rational scientific inquiry in order to investigate the rapidly changing relationship and interdependence between nature and culture. This exhibition includes a variety of new site specific installations and features miniaturized three−dimensional synthetic and simulated landscapes that combine natural substances–minerals, salts, earth, moss, and sulfur with artificial materials such as synthetic plants and trees, acrylic domes, and Astroturf. These controlled environments include a large salt flat in Permeation (2008), to be constructed in the center court gallery, and a multi−channel video installation Biomorph (2008), which investigates the biological processes of plant cells, using time−lapsed imagery. According to Schmitz: “The installations reflect ecological concerns and comment on the loss of the metaphysical quality in our relationship to nature. They also critique the notion of nature as an idealized sanctuary.”

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