ortiz torresRuben Ortiz−Torres
The Revolution will be Televised State 1, 1994
18 7/8 x 19 1/4 inches
Courtesy of Ruben Ortiz−Torres and El Nopal Press
Photo credit: Francesco X. Siqueiros

Border Myths/Border Realities

November 8−December 14, 2008

Border Myths/Border Realities is an exhibition that explores several perspectives on the concept of “border.” By bringing together six artists whose works encompass issues about borders, the exhibition reveals multiple viewpoints on the subject. Border Myths/Border Realities is thus able to take a closer look at relationships developed at the border of neighboring countries, such as those between the United States and Mexico, and in the Middle East; as well as personal or psychological borders in cities such as Los Angeles. The artists in this exhibition, Rheim Alkadhi, Abdelali Dahrouch, Gronk, Ruben Ortiz−Torres, Eddo Stern, and Whitney Stolich, employ a broad range of media, from traditional artistic techniques to advanced technology. For example, personal experience of the border is expressed by Rheim Alkadhi through the use of photography and digital imaging, while Gronk employs the traditional techniques of drawing and paper. Abdelali Dahrouch addresses the physical challenges for those who cross borders, by using sand and film imagery in his site−specific installation.  Ruben Ortiz−Torres’ combination of photomontage, collage, and film presents two of his works that explore the “border culture” of Mexico and the United States.  Finally, Eddo Stern’s use of “machinima” video games and Whitney Stolich’s photography address the physical and sociological aspects of borders.

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