sound oasisProject Lab: SOUND OASIS
Installation view

sound oasis Project Lab: SOUND OASIS
Installation view

Project Lab: SOUND OASIS

October 6−13, 2007

The University Art Museum presents SOUND OASIS, a three dimensional audio environment on the CSULB campus Quad featuring eleven soundscapes by leading sound artists from around the globe. Transforming the campus Quad into an immersive soundscape merging electronic compositions into the outdoor environment – dimensions of space, duration, and perception are explored, manipulating and melding the sounds of urban existence. Project Director, Francisca Rivero Lake, developed the collaboration over several years, initially conceiving SOUND OASIS as a site−specific project around the Palacio de las Bellas Artes in Mexico City, a locus of noise: “Just as light and general colors change at each instant of the day, so do the intensity and modulation of sounds, as unique and changing as shadows.”

SOUND OASIS creates a haven that interacts with the surrounding environment. The infrastructure consists of a series of speakers placed throughout the Quad according to the audio diffusion design of Illustrious Company. Visitors entering the space can re−evaluate the sound environment around them. The audio exhibition encourages people to experience art without visual traces, heightening sensory perception.

Artists included in SOUND OASIS are: ‘Gal*in_dog’ aka Guillermo Galindo, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Illustrious Company − Martyn Ware & Vince Clarke, Slavek Kwi, Merzbow, Ultra−red, radioqualia, Luz Maria Sánchez, Rogelio Sosa, Mario de Vega and Chris Watson.
Curated by Jose Wolffer and Manuel Rocha Iturbide from Mexico and Andrew Caleya Chetty from the U.K.

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