freak parade Freak Parade, 2007
Installation view

flower girl Flower Girl 2, 2000-5
Mixed media on rag paper with rhinestones
60 x 40 inches
©Thomas Woodruff

Thomas Woodruff's Freak Parade

September 6−October 14, 2007

Thomas Woodruff constructs a bold statement with his latest body of work, Freak Parade. Five years in the making, Woodruff dedicates the 34 mixed−media pieces on paper to “all those irregulars in shape or spirit.” Disturbed by the specter of homogeneity in contemporary culture, the artist celebrates the curious, the bizarre, and the eccentric. A master of technique, Woodruff combines the genres of landscape, portraiture, allegory, still life, and illustration with iconographic elements from posters, theatrical sets, advertising, tattoos, heraldry, carnival banners, and antiquarian books to create 32 unforgettable characters. Woodruff’s Freak Parade participants Miss Giggles, Anatomy Boy, and Poor Mr. P (among others), join the fantastic pantheon of characters created by artists such as Bosch, Bruegel, and Ensor.  At once thought−provoking, marvelous, and terrifying, Freak Parade is a carnevalesque tour−de−force.

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