the swirdsman The Swordsman, 2004 (video still)
35mm color film transferred to DVD
© Mungo Thomson

Centric 65: Mungo Thomson

November 2−December 19, 2004

This UAM is pleased to present a solo exhibition of work by Los Angeles−based artist Mungo Thomson. It is the 65th exhibition in the Centric program, an on−going exhibition series dedicated to displaying new work and introducing emerging national and international artists to new audiences. Mungo Thomson's work in a variety of media utilizes mass cultural vernacular to explore the phenomenology of social space and the mechanics and poetics of reception. Thomson's Centric exhibition will include two new 35mm film projects and a new multi–channel video installation, each preoccupied with the history and practices of Hollywood film production and movie going. Also on view will be a new sound project exploring the practical social context of minimalist art. The installations include The Bootleg Series, Cinema Concepts, New York, New York, New York, New York and The Swordsman.

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