sally gallSally Gall
Linda, The Baths, 1986
Gelatin silver print
20 x 16 inches
© Sally Gall

Adams and 21 Eves: Women Photographers From the Vault

June 29−July 31, 2004

Inspired by master photographer Robert Adams' sage observation of the collector’s or curator’s ability to create a new perspective and bridge seemingly unrelated works of art, Adams and 21 Eves: Women Photographers from the Vault reexamines 21 women photographers from UAM’s permanent collection. Adams and 21 Eves suggests that a curator’s hands are not bound by the vision of those who generated the collection. Rather, innovative juxtaposition of work can provoke reinterpretation. In grouping dissimilar images, a curator may discover a common unifier. This is not an exhibition of portraits, yet characterization exists here; this is not an exhibition of landscapes, yet land is illustrated; and this is not a commentary on abstraction, yet nonrepresentational composition plays a role. Through the eyes of the curator, the images are no longer unrelated, but suggest a new synthesis. Adams and 21 Eves was curated by UAM Public Relations Coordinator Sarah G. Vinci.

Artists in the exhibition: Robert Adams, Tina Barney, Ruth Bernhard, Marilyn Bridges, Pamela Ellerbrock, Judy Fiskin, Sally Gall, Jan Groover, Barbara Hale, Candida Höfer, Frances Benjamin Johnston, Barbara Kasten, Barbara Kline, Erica Lennard, Marilyn Littman, Adriana Munoz, Joan Myers, Dorothy Norman, Lorna Simpson, Eugenia Vargas, Michelle Vignes, and Marrion Post Wolcott.

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