DavyWoods Davy
Heaven's Gate, 1996
Steel and granite
Steel: 204 x 16 x 7 inches
Granite base: 15.5 x 76.5 x 35 inches

EloulKosso Eloul
Hardfact, 1965
Concrete and stainless steel
175 x 74 x 1539 inches

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The CSULB Outdoor Sculpture Collection is situated throughout the 320−acre beautiful, tree−shaded campus. The collection is open to all−campus community and guests. In 1965, CSULB sculpture professor Kenneth Glenn and artist Kosso Eloul organized the California International Sculpture Symposium. Patterned after other recently held symposia in Europe, the Long Beach symposium was the first event of its kind in the United States or on a college campus.

More importantly, it was a significant experiment in the formal collaboration of art and technology. Each of the invited artists (selected from a worldwide roster of distinguished sculptors) was paired with an industrial sponsor who provided technological assistance in the form of expertise, access to facilities, equipment, and materials. The on−campus site also provided students with the opportunity to observe and assist established artists in an environment that was very different from the usual classroom activities.

Nine sculptures were realized during the summer of 1965. These works, called the Monumental Sculpture Collection became the nucleus of what is now the CSULB Outdoor Sculpture Collection. Since that time, additional pieces have been acquired and are sited throughout the campus. In 1984, then CSULB President Horn designated the responsibility of the collection to the University Art Museum to hold in trust for the people of the state of California.

Begin a virtual tour of the sculpture collection right here by clicking on the links below. You will find images, detailed information about each work of art and brief biographies of the artists who created them. A complete walking tour of the sculpture collection can be made independently or with the help of a UAM Docent. Information on docent−led tours can be found on the Docent Program page. A walking tour will cover approximately two miles of pleasantly landscaped pathways with an elevation change of 70 feet. On average, the walking tour will take two hours − allow at least one hour longer if you intend to stop for lunch. Food and beverages can be purchased from vending machines installed throughout the campus. Regular food services are available in the University Dining Plaza or University Student Union, Monday−Friday (hours vary).

  1. Kengiro Azuma, MU 464, 1965
  2. J.J. Beljon, Homage to Simon Rodia, 1965
  3. Andre Bloc, Carlson/Bloc Tower, 1965−72
  4. Kosso Eloul, Hardfact, 1965
  5. Claire Falkenstein, "U" as a Set, 1965
  6. Gabriel Kohn, Long Beach Contract, 1965
  7. Piotr Kowalski, Now, 1965
  8. Rita Letendre, Sun Forces, 1965
  9. Robert Murray, Duet (Homage to David Smith), 1965
  10. Anonymous, Homage to Kenn Glenn, 1965
  11. Guy Dill, In Irons, 1974
  12. Robert Irwin, Window Wall for Cal State Long Beach, 1975
  13. Tom Van Sant, Vietnam, 1975, 1975
  14. Terry Schoonhoven, White City, 1982
  15. Michael Davis, The Building, The Port, and the Island, 1983
  16. Bryan Hunt, Conductor II, 1983
  17. Richard Turner, Bridge to Angel Island, 1986
  18. Eugenia Butler, Lovers Bench for a New Millennium, 1993
  19. Frederick Fisher, Room, 1993
  20. Maren Hassinger, Evening Shadows, 1993
  21. Woods Davy, Heaven's Gate, 1996

Explore more sculpture online via the UAM Collections Kiosk, where you can search for artists, browse different media, and even make your own community portfolio of your favorite pieces from the collection.


Introduction | MU 464 | Homage to Simon Rodia | Carlson/Bloc Tower | Hardfact | "U" as a Set | Long Beach Contract | Now | Sun Forces | Duet (Homage to David Smith) | In Irons | Window Wall for Cal State Long Beach | Vietnam, 1975 | White City | The Building, The Port, and the Island | Conductor II | Bridge to Angel Island | Lovers Bench for a New Millenium | Room | Evening Shadows | Heaven's Gate

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