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California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Council Minutes
Meeting of January 01, 2010

  1. Call to order at 8:35 a.m. Quorum was reached at 8:55 a.m.
  2. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for January 15, 2010 – approved.
  3. Approval of Staff Council Minutes for December 11, 2009 – approved.
  4. Treasurer’s Report – Charles Greenwood

    Balance is $6,948.00.

  5. Committee Reports


    Berta Hanson –– New members joined Staff Council this month:

    • Chris Ramirez – University Bookstore
    • Linda Welty – 49er Shops Corporate Office

    Barbara Sinclair thanked the University Bookstore and 49er Shops for being incredibly involved in Staff Council, and invited the newest members to please continue that tradition and join committees.


    Berta Hanson –The committee has not yet met, but they are in the process of sending out Outstanding Staff nomination forms to all staff. They have had some compliance issues. The forms should go out today, and the deadline for applications is 2/10/10. When Outstanding Staff applications are received, the committee will meet.

    Sharon Olson commented that “Outstanding Staff” is a top award on campus and should go to someone who has had a long-term commitment to staff at the University. The committee members cannot nominate.

    Anne Ambrose asked if there is a list of past nominees, and Sharon indicated that they are on the Staff Council website.

    Barbara Sinclair remarked that it takes some work to complete the nominations, but it is very important to think about it seriously and nominate judiciously.

    Cynthia Riley asked if there may not be some way to simplify the nomination process. Sharon indicated that the nominee has to write a biography and submit a resume. The committee needs enough information to choose. Bob noted that sometimes a “long-term commitment to staff at the University,” gets confused with committee service. There is a difference.

    Anne Ambrose commented that the Alumni Association also has an expectation that honorees will attend the awards banquet and give a speech. That adds an additional time commitment.

    Mary Jones-Harley asked about the selection criteria, and Sharon Olsen responded that the most important thing is University service over time – 5 years.

    Special Events

    Colleen Ryan was absent.
    Bob Rodgers conveyed thanks to the spirited people who came out to make the 2009 Cherishing the Children’s party a success. We reported on this at last month’s meeting, but the committee wanted to extend special thanks to Colleen Ryan for managing the Ice Cream Sundae table, to Diane Graham who took charge of the check-in and registration table, Elizabeth Labrador from the President’s Office who managed the Student Volunteers, Debra Hamm from the College of Education who took charge at the photo station, Kathy Engberg, who was all-around helper/elf, Jim and Mary Long and their granddaughter who provided the excellent music, Dana Hooten who handled the picture decorating station, Denise Davis who was Mrs. Claus, and the LB Fire Department/Fire Station at Palo Verde and Spring.

    Barbara Sinclair brought up the idea of moving Staff Day to the summer.

    Barbara Sinclair also mentioned how wonderful it was to be involved with the cart parade. If you haven’t done it, you are missing out on a great time. Barbara portrayed the Snow Queen on the Staff Council cart. There was some question because of budget about holding the parade this year, but Mary Stephens commented that, had she known the Snow Queen would be there, she would not have hesitated for a minute!

    Staff Development

    Mary Jones-Harley ––There is a Munch n’ Learn tentatively scheduled for May. The committee is looking for new members with creative energy to find one hour meeting places for staff to gather for lunch hour and learn more about the University.

    Mel Mandrup suggested arranging for the University research vessel to pick up staff in the harbor and cruise to OSI. This may be longer than an hour program more suitable for after work hours. This was very well received by everyone present.

    Mary noted that any person who has special talents can present a program. Contact Mary Jones-Harley at 5-8455.

    Ways and Means

    Charleen Rice is out due to arthroscopic knee surgery. Barbara commented that the Holiday Bazaar was a success, and the committee is working on new, creative money-making ventures.


    Sharon Olson and Barbara Sinclair are still cleaning up the bylaws and tweaking specific issues like when a staff member’s term ends and they leave early, how to handle it.

  6. Announcements

    Ami Rzasa announced that the next RAD training begins March 1, 2010. Please register at RAD is a worldwide organization training women to defend themselves against rape aggression. Women are put through real life scenarios. It takes a 12 hour commitment and training takes place 4-7p.m. each Monday evening.

    Sharon Olson introduced summer programs and short term study classes being offered through the Center for International Education (BH-201). There are at least 30 faculty led trips planned If interested, please contact Sharon Olson. (5-5585) There is also information on the website at

    Through these international programs, staff can study film in Paris, Shakespeare in London, or join community service programs. Anyone can go. You have to enroll in the class, but you can audit. The least expensive is Guatemala.

    Anne Ambrose let us know that on February 26th at the Daniel Recital Hall will host a winter Lecture entitled, Kimonos in Color: A Spectrum of Seasons. Alison Redfoot (5-8420) at the Japanese Garden is the contact.

    Barbara Sinclair asked about the fish in the Japanese Garden. Anne Ambrose says that after a virus wiped most out, the pond has been re-populated and the new little fish are thriving again.

    Special Orders

    1. Time Certain: President Alexander –9:16 a.m.

      President Alexander wished all staff a happy new year and thanked us for our perseverance through difficult times.

      The good news is that the governor’s budget helps restore funds that were previously taken away from higher education. Governor Schwarzenegger put stimulus money back in to his budget. All of the amounts restored are contingent upon the Assembly and State Legislators approving them. We will see their true colors by what actions they take. The legislators say they support education, and then we see them make deep cuts. They need to really support education. We are holding them all accountable.

      We have to make predictions of how this will manifest itself over the next 6-8 months and affect The CSU. The Chancellor’s restricting strategy has made them take notice, and we need to make Sure that any money allocated is indeed specifically tied to our maintenance effort. Our state pays attention to a hammer. They figure out how much they can cut before being hurt by feds, and that determines what the legislators allow. We need to ride them hard to make sure that any new money does come to the CSU.

      President Alexander hopes all staff had a wonderful break and welcomes us back.

      We are watching Haiti to see what we can do. Beware of scam artists, and the President’s Office will keep us informed of ways to help on campus.

      Women’s basketball is doing great, and so is the men’s team. The women’s games are especially fun and exciting.

      Jane McCann noted that the cheerleaders are excellent too! The band is great, and staff attends for free.

      Long Beach cannot financially keep up Blair Field any longer, so CSULB will lease it from the city for 50 years. This won't cost any general fund money. We have donor endowment money to keep the field up to speed, and this will allow us to keep our own fees for tickets and selling concessions. This also frees up our own on-campus practice field, and Blair will really become our home park. Our prices for food will be much less than the $10.00 for hamburgers and $28.00 for pizza that was previously charged. We will be able to get families back to the park. This will all will be finalized around 1/22/10.

      The President requested questions, and Mike Sternfeld asked how the 250 million overall that the CSU may get will help us, and President Alexander responded that it will get us 8-9 million back in to our budget. Depending on our enrollment, that may cover about half our hit from last year and be much more manageable. We have already taken the worst hits.

      Aaron Elimelech announced that all the USU vendors have winter session hours, and he left flyers with specific hours on the back table.

      The virtual tour of the new Wellness Center is almost up, and a fall, 2010 opening is planned.

      The President is working on keeping fees down as much as possible as the plan is for this to be a very good thing for faculty and staff to have a place where everyone will be together working out, eating healthy food, and sharing the wireless space. The entire center is wireless, and it will be open 7 days per week, giving everyone a place to interact.

      The President thanked us all for sticking through this difficult time.

    2. Lynn Coenen, Assistant Director of the Women’s Resource Center, presented an upbeat And informative presentation about the center and how it came to be thirty years ago when a group of CSULB women came together to raise awareness and share their wisdom and resources to benefit all women on-campus. Lynn left informative booklets regarding the Women’s Resource Center and Project Safe for anyone who is interested. Lynn can be reached at .
  7. Meeting Adjourned: 10:00 a.m.