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California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Council Minutes
Meeting of December 11, 2009

  1. Call to order at 8:36 a.m., quorum reached.
  2. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for December 11, 2009 – approved.
  3. Approval of Staff Council Minutes for October 8, 2009 – approved.
  4. Approval of Staff Council Minutes for November 13, 2009 – approved.
  5. Committee Reports


    Berta Hanson –– Many new members joined Staff Council this month:

    • Rosa Hernandez – 49er Shops
    • Sandy Phillips – 49er Shops
    • Chris Ramirez – 49er Shops
    • Alma Smith – 49er Shops
    • Linda Welty – 49er Shops
    • Diane Stein Geology
    • George Saxon -- Chemistry
    • Beth Smith – Academic Technology
    • Heidi Gilligan – Education


    Berta Hanson –We are still in need of staff representatives from student services. Cynthia Riley self-nominated and was unanimously elected by Staff Council at this meeting. Nancy Green says that they have someone to represent the Auxiliaries. The committee has distributed outstanding staff forms to Mary Stephens, and after her approval, all members will receive a form.

    Special Events

    Colleen Ryan – Cherishing the Children party was a success! Thanks to the spirited people who came out. 120 Children attended and were generously hosted by the President’s Office. Laura Stone took over coordination and did a fabulous job. Many wonderful CSULB athletes volunteered and made sure all of the children played games, won prizes, visited the fire truck out front, and generally enjoyed themselves. Over 3,000 toys were donated and delighted children at the party when our benevolent Santa Claus (Bob Rodgers) handed them out. Stafford Cox as “Elfis,” and Denise Davis as Mrs. Claus merrily assisted every child with their gifts and other needs throughout the party. Thanks to all the great volunteers and Choura who made this a special holiday event!

    Staff Development

    Mary Jones-Harley –– No updates right now. There will be an internet meeting soon.

    Ways and Means

    Charleen Rice and Fred Neely –– The Holiday Bazaar was a success and made upwards of $347.00 for Staff Council. Thanks to everyone who worked; it was a lot of fun. Special kudos to Nancy Green and Chris Tabellario who were on duty during especially busy hours!


    Sharon Olson and Barbara Sinclair are still cleaning up the bylaws.

    Academic Senate

    Anne Ambrose – Academic Senate is looking at policies and programs. There are new degree additions and deletions. The committee is working on the planning of a new degree in Vocational Education, a master’s degree in Francophone Studies, and a master’s degree in Italian. The committee is discussing requiring freshmen under 21 to live on-campus. The USU Trustee Board voted to upgrade the bowling alley in the USU. There will be new electronic scorekeeping.

    Enrollment Management

    Anne Ambrose – Far too many students have applied for fall, 2010. Online applications began October 1, 2009, and will end November 30, 2009. CSULB is expecting 40,000 applicants. Transfers continue to tighten, and there was no new spring enrollment.


    Mary Jones-Harley – There is a meeting today. The Spring Colloquial is coming up, and they are choosing an instructor. The committee is working on a new website to be available soon.

    Campus Climate

    Ami Rzasa - No updated report. Campus Climate Committee meets on Monday.

    Campus Planning

    Barbara Sinclair –No updated report.


    Barbara Sinclair –Priorities are still on hold due to the budget situation. Information will be available on the website within one month.

  6. Announcements

    Steve Zimmerle is pleased at all the new members. The bookstore book buyback began yesterday, December 10th. Students bring their mailing in to win. If students mention them, points are given to student organizations. IPODS are $10.00 off, MAC books White are on special for $699.00. 100 are due in, and there is already a waitlist for 75 of them. Today is the last day for the logo sale, and December 21-23, faculty and staff get their current discount plus 10% off.

    Marlys Sams announced that it is not too late to join the December 18th Cart Parade. Volunteers to decorate are also appreciated. Staff Council has a cart. (contact Barbara Sinclair at 5-8687. Laura Stone has decorations) International Education is interested in participating. Please encourage participation because we all need a boost!

    Special Orders

    1. Time Certain: President Alexander – 9:19 a.m.

      President Alexander noted and gave thanks to all for the “Cherishing the Children” party. It brought so much joy with all the fun and gifts for over 97 attending underserved children.

      We will know much more about our budget when the Governor comes out with his budget at the end of the month.

      The President hopes everyone will enjoy their extended break. The University intends to hit the press hard, as we should be open, but will not be because of the furlough situation. All staff deserves a great holiday with family and friends. Enjoy, relax, and recuperate over break.

      In spite of everything, students are getting their classes and progressing to graduation. CSULB received 70,000 new applications for fall; that is more than any other U.S. University. We are desirable!

      Going into finals week, please pay attention to any over-stressed students and refer them to the President’s office. There will be a midnight breakfast the night before finals begin – 11:00 p.m. Sunday to 1:00 a.m. Monday. The President joked that he is followed by neighborhood dogs for three to four days following the breakfast as the smell of bacon surrounds him! Associated Students in the USU will be having extended hours, and the library is open 24 hours during finals week. The library will offer coffee to students until the wee hours, and anyone with an ID card can eat breakfast.

      Barbara Sinclair thanked President Alexander for his work in Sacramento. President Alexander stated that we must keep the pressure as hard as possible on Sacramento and the Legislature. They must be held accountable and use all federal allocated dollars. They cannot cut us from using these federal dollars. The kids are not responsible. We have crowded, many portable classrooms with 37+ kids to one teacher. The national average is 23 kids to a classroom. Camp High Hill that generations of students have looked forward to attending is also in jeopardy.

      The President thanked us all for sticking through this difficult time.

  7. Announcements

    Aaron Elimelech reported that during finals week, the USU will be open until 2:00 a.m., and on weekends until 12 a.m.

    President Alexander announced that it is very commendable that CSULB Campus Police is ranked 13th best in the entire nation in keeping our school safe.

    At 9:21 a.m., Bob Rodgers presented a video of past Cart Parades.