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California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Council Minutes
Meeting of November 13, 2009

  1. Call to order at 8:35 a.m., quorum reached at 8:35 a.m.
  2. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for November 13, 2009 - approved
  3. Approval of Staff Council Minutes for October 8, 2009 - not approved
  4. Staff Council Budget Presentation – approved

    Charles Greenwood summarized the Staff Council Budget for 2009-2010.

    • Projected expenses = $5,029.00
    • Estimated donations = $3,304.00
    • Expected Revenue = $1,100.00
    • Expected expenses over revenue = $625.00
    • Current balance = $7,106.00
  5. Committee Reports


    Berta Hanson – No new members this month.


    Berta Hanson – We are still in need of staff representatives from student services and the auxiliaries. If you are interested in volunteering, please let Berta know (5-8798).

    Special Events

    Colleen Ryan – Spooktacular was a success! Thanks to the spirited people who came out. You should have received fliers announcing the winners in your email. Please share with everyone. It was a beautiful day, and Bob Rodgers has prepared a slide show to share.

    It is hard to believe that it’s time to prepare for the end of season holidays. Cherishing the Children will take place on December 9th from 3:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., and we owe a big thanks to the President’s Office for co-sponsoring this important event. 150 families have signed up this year. CSULB is the largest giver to the Long Beach Red Cross for this event and the Red Cross party on 12/12/2009. 1300 families have signed up for the big Red Cross Party. A $10-$15 toy really makes a difference in a child’s life.

    At the Cherishing the Children’s party, we have permission from Choura to do our ice cream bar with all our leftover ice cream social goodies.

    Boxes for the collection of unwrapped toys for Cherishing the Children have been placed in many locations all over campus, including the President’s Office, Foundation, the Controller’s Office, the USU, Academic Senate Office, and Academic Technology Office, WRC, and IT Services in Brotman Hall.

    Flyers for wrapping parties (12/3, 12/8 ) will be coming out. We provide paper, scissors, and tape.

    For further information on volunteering for Cherishing the Children, please contact Santa’s contact manager, Bob Rodgers. (5-7853)

    Staff Development

    Mary Jones-Harley – no update.

    Ways and Means – Charleen Rice and Fred Neely – We have been planning the Holiday Boutique which will take place on December 10th in front of the Bookstore. The boutique will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p. m., so we will need quite a few volunteers to staff the shifts. We also need donations of any typical garage sale items in good, clean condition. No clothes, (update: decision reversed on 11/16; clothes will be accepted), appliances, or furniture will be accepted. Any books, knick-knack items, etc. are appreciated, and if you can bring them in boxes, that will be appreciated. Ami Rzasa asked about donation receipts, and we cannot give them out as we are not a non-profit. Fred will begin taking donations on Monday, November 16th.


    Will meet. They are still cleaning up.

    Academic Senate

    Anne Ambrose – Academic Senate is looking at policies and programs. They are considering a new minor in forensics in the criminal justice department.

    Enrollment Management

    Anne Ambrose – Far too many students have applied for fall, 2010. Online applications began October 1, 2009, and will end November 30, 2009. CSULB is expecting 40,000 applicants. Transfers continue to tighten, and there was no new spring enrollment.


    Barbara Sinclair - At the October 16th meeting, Toni Beron spoke. PCSW is working on a new logo. Toni also reported that CSULB, in conjunction with VA Hospital, is working on a new daycare center.

    Campus Climate

    Ami Rzasa - They are yet to have a meeting. Anne Ambrose announced that applications are now available for committee members to peruse.

    Campus Planning

    Barbara Sinclair – Charleen Rice has been ill, and she usually sits on this committee. At the meeting this committee talked about buildings, such as science, wellness, and nursing, already in progress and financed from dedicated funds. The campus overall master plan is still on hold. As part of this plan, Liberal Arts buildings and the older science buildings will be torn down and replaced.


    Barbara Sinclair – There will be two more meetings to do the over-arching mission for the next three years. There are some wonderful goals planned that will not be eliminated; they are delayed because of the budget.

  6. Announcements

    Along the lines of planning, bike paths and Zip Car are going forward, and CSULB has hired a company to offer advising.

    Sharon Olson asked if there has been any discussion of the current danger of bike riding on campus? Many bikes have no lights, and riders wear dark colors. Cars pulling out of parking lots at certain times, especially if driven by visitors and unaware drivers, are a real concern with the bikes. Bikers also do not follow traffic rules.

    Marlys Sams announced that we will keep the Cart Parade this year! Facilities Management will Sponsor, and it will take place on December 18th. Line up is at 10:30 a.m., and the route takes forty-five minutes. Call Marlys to sign up (5-8247) and Joe Salvador (5-4357) for a cart. There are flyers on the back table. Please encourage participation because we all need a boost!

    Ami Rzasa asked if participation in the cart parade is open to everyone, and Marlys confirmed that it is, but the contest is only for facilities folks.

    Steve Zimmerle reminded us of Homecoming this weekend, November 14th. On Saturday, November 14th, all CSULB logo items will be 10 % off in the bookstore. Also, Friday, November 20th, beginning at 4p.m., 49 Shops and the Bookstore will be hosting their 25th annual Holiday Sale. There will be a keyboardist and festive food, so please stop by and begin your shopping on campus!

    Steve also announced that Windows 7 is in at the computer store! The week of November 16th, Staff can upgrade their computers for $19.00. Vista is out! Call to have your computer upgraded. Perpetually, staff can upgrade for $20.00. Steve did a little show and tell with a 10 inch Netbook which is a perfect gift for the holidays. Additionally, Steve’s best deal is for the white Mac Book. Beginning Wednesday, it will sell for $699.00, which is $250.00 off regular price and includes a free printer/scanner/copier. Pick up a flyer on the back table.

    Steve introduced Rosa Hernandez, Director of Communications, for 49er Shops. We welcome Her to this meeting and hope she joins Staff Council.

    Lastly, but importantly, Steve reminded us to go to the bookstore, find Prospector Pete, and scan Your ID card to win $100.00 towards to put towards your new laptop!

    On Tuesday, December 1, 2009, there will be a special showing of “Sin by Silence,” a deeply moving and eye-opening film documenting a woman’s life. She was imprisoned for killing her husband even though she had proof that she killed him in self defense while she was being attacked by him. The film will be shown at 2:30 p.m. in the USU Beach Auditorium. The auditorium is located on the 1st floor of the student union across the hall opposite the pool tables.

    Special Orders

    1. Time Certain: President Alexander – 9:19 a.m.

      Barbara Sinclair thanked President Alexander for his part in making the children’s party happen in December.

      The President announced that Bill “T” collapsed here in Long Beach. The kids do not understand what is economically happening, and we need to help them as much as possible. With that in mind, there is nothing new on the budget front. Ten other states are looking at deficit problems like ours, and they are asking us for help. We are working hard in D.C. keeping Legislators aware and involved with possible solutions to problems. California citizens like the CSU system and support it, but they did not want to pay higher taxes or tuition fees.

      The first CSULB hosted, “Beer and Politics,” was a success! Kcal nine and Channel 2 covered the event, and there was a four minute news report about the forum on television.

      Due to our technology and outstanding police force, Security Magazine ranked our Long Beach campus 5th in security. Only two campuses west of Texas made the top 25. We have had substantive drops in all areas of crime on our campus.

      There are 3,800 holders of UPASS who use it to go anywhere in Long Beach, and the number of parking complaints in the President’s Office is minimal.

      We expect a sell-out for our Homecoming Basketball game on Saturday, November14th, and Grads from 1949-1959 are coming back to be honored at the game. Festivities will begin at 1:00p.m., and we expect a sell-out!

      Humboldt State is contacting us interested in learning more about our openness and shared governance during these especially difficult times throughout the CSU system.

      We are doing our best to get students vaccinated for H1N1. President Alexander cautioned everyone to be careful spreading out over Thanksgiving break. Be aware, and send any sick staff home to recuperate. 95% of current flu cases are H1N1,so treat flu symptoms accordingly.

      The very best thing right now is that we currently sell Bugles on campus! The President grew up nourished on Bugles snacks.

      Marlys Sams asked President Alexander how we go about participating in the Bus Pass subsidy program. The President responded that we pay $200,000 per year to participate. This is not outrageous because we cut off less utilized shuttles and coupons which were costing $170,000.

      We quit doing some things and worked with the city bus system to give us 5 days for our $200,000. And, they give us weekends free. It didn’t cost us anything new. We transferred over funds we’re already spending, and the bus system gave us more routes. It is advantageous to give the free weekend usage, and the numbers are up for bus riders. The buses are able to qualify for grants that give them things like solar powered buses. It is a win-win situation.

      Sharon Olson commented on the numbers of students who now can be seen waiting to use the buses on campus.

      President Alexander noted that eventually, we may be able to move toward a San Francisco State model which doesn’t want people driving to campus at all.

      Joe Fabozzi, Manager of Yogo! Creations, now open and located in the USU, brought in free Yogurt samples. Joe advised us that Yogo! offers 8 tasty flavors and 27 toppings. Come in any time for more free samples. President Alexander confirmed that the strawberry is delicious!

    2. Time Certain – Paul Wingco – 9:34 a.m. Paul gave a PowerPoint presentation and discussed what the University is doing, and what we as individuals can do, to enhance sustainability by going green. I have attached the PowerPoint presentation that Paul so graciously provided. We have a CSULB sustainability website which you should be able to search on the CSULB homepage under “Sustainability.”

  7. Meeting adjourned at 9:59 a.m.