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California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Council Meeting Minutes
Friday, June 12, 2009

  1. Call to Order 8:37am, quorum reached at 8:41am.
  2. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for June 12, 2009 --
  3. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for May 8, 2009 -- approved.
  4. Approval of Staff Council Minutes of June 12, 2009 --
  5. Approval of Staff Council Minutes of May 8, 2009 -- approved.


  • Barbara Sinclair welcomed Kathy Engberg who will take the position of Staff Council Secretary. Former Secretary, Mary Jones-Harley, will continue serving on the Staff Council Executive Committee.
  • Dr. Praveen Soni has been elected for his 4th term as Chair of the Academic Senate.
  • Anne Ambrose advised that there will be a meeting the week of June 15th to discuss enrollment reduction issues. Freshman and transfer applicants will be cutback.
  • Mary Jones-Harley announced that UCES is now the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE).
  • Mary Jones-Harley also reminded us that Wells Fargo has a Full Service Bank on campus in the Student Union Courtyard. They offer many benefits to staff.
  • Bob Rodgers announced the Special Olympics for the weekend of June 13-14th. Opening Ceremonies are at 10:00 a.m. on the campus track. Everyone is invited to come on out! If you can help with lunches from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., please contact the Student Union.
  • Anne Ambrose let us know that the Japanese Garden is hosting a special evening piano concert on June 26th. For further information, please check the CSULB website.(
  • Please congratulate Marlys Sams upon her election to the President's Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW). She will represent Staff Council on this important Committee.
  • Barbara Sinclair introduced Isa Woolums from Schools First Federal Credit Union (formerly OCTFCU), who changed their name to reflect whom they serve. Esa spoke about the Summer Saver Account which enables employees who open an account and save using payroll deductions to accrue 5% on their money all year long. On the last day of August, this savings transfers to a regular savings account. Schools First is a full service, not-for-profit financial institution offering competitive rates. (

Committee Reports

  • Treasurer -- Charles Greenwood -- No activity noted. Our balance is $6,960.00.
  • Ways and Means -- Charleen Rice -- Charleen and Fred Neely will be planning a rummage sale, so clean your closets and part with those white elephants! Charleen will coordinate a drop-off place with 49er Shops, and Anne Ambrose will publish the sale in, "Inside CSULB." They will need lots of staff participation and assistance to make this a big success!
  • Membership -- Berta Hanson -- Emails went out to College ASMs, and by September, 2009, we hope to have all vacant Staff Council Membership seats filled. There were no new members at this meeting.
  • Special Events -- Berta Hanson -- The good news is that we will have a Staff Picnic on July 16th. (not in the meeting, but as of 6/22/09, we heard that the picnic has been put on the back burner).
  • Staff Development -- Nancy Green -- Mary Jones-Harley will co-chair this committee for 2009-2010. The first meeting will convene following this council meeting, and anyone interested in joining, please stay.
  • Bylaws -- Sharon Olson -- Sharon is in London. There is no report.
  • Nominating Committee -- Kathy Allan -- Kathy reported on several committee positions open as follows:
    • International Education -- Sharon Olson and Teresa Hagen-Crowder submitted interest in this position. Sharon did not submit a statement of her qualifications, and Kathy read the statement Teresa submitted to the members present at this meeting. An election was held by secret ballot during the meeting, and Teresa Hagen-Crowder was elected by Staff Council to represent the council on this committee.
    • Child Development Center Advisory Board -- Donna Soto stated her qualifications and self-nominated. Congratulations to Donna who was unanimously elected by the staff council members at this meeting to represent Staff Council on this committee.
    • University Student Union Advisory Board -- Kathy Engberg and Mary Jones-Harley both stated their intent and qualifications at this meeting. A secret ballot was taken, and congratulations go to Mary who was elected to represent Staff Council on this committee.
    • Campus Climate Committee -- This is a non-voting position. Ami Rzasa's term on this committee is up in September, 2009. She is hoping that her term can be extended as she has 4 projects she wishes to see to completion. Ami will get back to us, and voting will be held off for now.
    • Learning Assistance Center Advising Committee -- Kirsten Sumpter self-nominated, stated her qualifications, and was unanimously elected to represent Staff Council on this committee. Congratulations, Kirsten!

Announcements Continued

  • Barbara Sinclair reported on the Project Safe Zone training that Barbara and several others attended. They received information for communities to plan and implement safe areas. It was very successful, and communities and on-campus areas that have a representative who has completed this training will receive a plaque proclaiming your area is safe. This is very important for at risk LGBT students and community members as well as some of the more at risk majors on campus. There are many markers this training makes us more aware of in recognizing and, hopefully, preventing suicidal and in-crisis behavior.

Special Orders

  1. Time Certain: Gary Pons and George Alfaro -- 9:19 a.m.

    Gary Pons, Assistant Director of Safety and Risk Management, and George Alfaro, Environmental Compliance Manager of Safety and Risk Management, presented an informative and valuable PowerPoint presentation on CSULB Urban Search and Rescue Training. The USAR team's primary mission during an emergency or disaster is to search, locate, triage, and prioritize the removal of victims to a designated triage area where they will be given further and appropriate assistance. This team is run by the University Police Department, and the program intends, as stated by George Alfaro and quoted in Shayne Schroeder's article published on the CSULB website, "to give volunteers a higher level of skills and basic skills for emergency preparedness, search and rescue, light firefighting, and disaster medicine," to use at home and on-campus to survive and assist others during an emergency or disaster. If team members are at home when a disaster or emergency hits, it is hoped that, after they have seen to their own and family needs, the responders will come to the campus to help out. The first priority is to triage victims to further assess needs to quickly prioritize for further medical attention.

    The training matches actual events as closely as possible and the teams do some real or simulated going through and clearing of structurally sound buildings. It is training by following a very precise system, and volunteers have to perform several somewhat physically demanding tasks which require a minimum level of fitness. Pulling, pushing, and lifting are required. Backpack kits containing preparedness equipment such as the 5-in-1 hand tool are issued to those who complete the training and get certified.

    A new class is planned for August or September, and those interested should contact George Alfaro at 562.985.2378.