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California State University, Long Beach
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Staff Council Meeting Minutes
Friday, April 10, 2009

  1. Call to Order 8:37 am, quorum reached at 9:09 am.
  2. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for April 10, 2009 – approved.
  3. Approval of Staff Council Agenda for March 13, 2009 – approved.
  4. Approval of Staff Council Minutes of March 13, 2009 – approved.
  5. Approval of Staff Council Minutes of February 13, 2009 approved.


  1. Michael Sternfeld, Manger of the University Print Shop, announced their Open House will be held on May 15th for the quick copy facility. The Open House will be held in Brotman Hall from 11:30 a.m. -  1:30 pm. There will be raffles and prizes.
  2. Berta Hanson announced that next week there will be a writing workshop with Dr. Rodriguez.
  3. Barbara Sinclair announced that April is sexual assault awareness month. In support of sexual assault awareness day April 22nd has been declared Denim Day and everyone is encouraged to wear Levis. This is in response to a case where a judge revoked rape charges because the victim wore tight jeans. Barbara also announced that the Clothesline Project is a demonstration of violence against women. There will be a sexual assault speak out later in April. Women’s Studies Student Association is sponsoring the Vagina Monologues.
  4. Bob Rodgers announced that they are planning Special Olympics. Due to the economy the event has been cut down by one day and will be held June 13th – 14th. He is seeking volunteers who are familiar with campus to work during the games. Interested volunteers should send an email to Bob.
  5. Nancy Green announced that on May 1st they will have a bowling for books event. She is trying to organize a team to meet at Cal Bowl at 2pm on May 1st. All proceeds will go to the textbook scholarship fund. They raised 60,000 in the first year and want to raise approximately another $49,000 this year. Participants can get a free t-shirt by going to and click on the bowling icon.

Committee Reports

  1. Membership - Berta Hanson - Angela Rambo, Enrollment Services announced this was her 1st day on Staff Council.
  2. Special Events - Berta Hanson reported that Staff Day had more campus vendors than outside vendors. We will not longer have the 50/50 or Christmas raffle. She is not sure if we will have an official summer picnic. If there is no official picnic staff can meet on the green in front of the Bookstore and bring lunch. We will be having a Staff Council rummage sale. Next year for Staff Day staff vendors will have to pay for their booth. If not they don’t make a profit then we will not charge for table. A Raffle can only be done if we are not selling tickets. The 50/50 raffle winner was Cynthia Riley and she donated part of her winnings back to Staff Council.
  3. Ways and Means – Charles Greenwood reported we sold $607 dollars of 50/50 raffles. Staff Council received half of the $607 plus 100 from Cynthia Riley. This amounts to approximately $400 from 50/50 and close to $250 for vendor tables. The end of March balance was 6,438.00, total expenses was $344 dollars for supplies and old invoices for retirement gifts.
  4. Bylaws – Sharon Olson reported changes to the bylaws will be recommended to the group when we have quorum. Under Robert’s rule of order under 8th edition it should say current edition. Also the bylaws did not indicate that officers had to be elected members of Staff Council.
  5. Nominating Committee - Kathy Allan was not present.
  6. Staff Development - Nancy Green reported she did not attend the library event. Gretchen reported that the event was good. Henry Dubois told a story about the library and showed various floors. They also went to see Orka and were given a demonstration. Roman Cochan provided coffee. She is working on summer events. There may be more facilities workshops or more wardrobe workshops.

More Announcements

  1. Barbara Sinclair encouraged people to run for positions. She indicated the Chair position has been wonderful and giving back to staff is a wonderful feeling.
  2. Sharon Olson said that “being on Staff Council changes your view of the campus and gives you an opportunity to see how the whole campus works.”  She also mentioned that if you are not interested in a Staff Council position you can join a committee or become a Member-At-Large which has two positions available.

Special Orders

  1. Time Certain: President Alexander – 9:00am
    • President Alexander welcomed everyone back from Spring Break. He went down to New Orleans to help students rebuild. He encouraged staff to keep your eyes open to help students as finals approach. Also, with all the shootings going on there is a common thread that people have lost their jobs. Pressure is on students, relatives, and parents that lose jobs. Please be extra sensitive to students and others. The veterans are coming back so there are different pressures feeding into campus. Treat everyday like it’s a full moon. If you notice unusual behavior or come across any hate mail being sent to different people on campus please send hate mail emails to the President’s Office to Karen Nakai or Perrin Reed’s office. He would like to know and maybe run a background check. Schools are laying off teachers as a result of California’s state budget and dealing with budget cuts. He gave thanks to University Relations for having their second best year in fundraising of 25 million this year already. They may hit 30 million dollars this year. The Academic Progress Ratings, APRs, came in above 925 for student athletes. CSULB has a new Women’s Basketball Coach Jody Winn. She was the top assistant at USC. There are many elections coming up for student elections which will be online and Staff Council elections. President Alexander reminded everyone that we have an Employee Assistance Program on campus that can assist in helping alleviate pressures.

More Announcements

  • Sharon Olson - bylaws: Amend bylaws sect.1.510 and Sect. 2.100 – procedural rules….current edition under Robert’s rule - CHANGES ACCEPTED.
  • Academic Senate is working on changes to GWAR policy.
  • Campus goals are in place. Sustainability is addressed. Administration is moving forward on plans to make the campus more bicycle friendly
  • Anne Ambrose announced that the Enrollment Management Committee will meet on the 22nd. We have too many qualified applicants and too few openings. Acceptance notices are going out now.
  • Sharon Olson announced that Academic Departments have new rules for the number of Ws or repeat delete a student can have. This will take effect in the fall.
  • Bob Rodgers announced that last week started iTunes University. There is a virus asking for personal information. It has been tapped into. Ann Ambrose received an email asking for her username and password.
  • Berta Hanson announced she will be sending out an email about Workplace Answers for information security. The training is 30 – 45 minutes and eventually everyone on campus will be trained.

Special Order

  • Lynne Coenen, Director of the Women’s Resource Center
  • Lynne gave a presentation on Project Safe. Project Safe is a CSULB campus/community program focused on reducing the campus incidence of sexual assault, domestic, dating, and interpersonal violence and stalking. Lynne’s presentation included an overview of efforts to date of Project Safe, the needs assessments and research.

    For additional information or to participate call 562-985-8575.