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Robert Licari

robert Major:
Electrical Engineering
First year transfer (technically a Junior)
After graduation
Hopefully stress less, and get a job somewhere near my major.
I‘ve been shooting since last September I think, so almost five months.
Got interested from movies, but didn‘t act on it till last semester.
Name of my bow:
Charlotte (Lotte for short), based upon The Sorrows of Young Werther, by Goethe, and loosely based on a theme of an "escape" from the everyday.

Secret Talent:
Video games, but that‘s not so much of a secret.
Scar or bone breaking:
When I was three I split my lower lip in half and needed nine stitches to put it back together, details upon request.
A Wile Coyote because ACME products do work!
Favorite Cartoon Character:
Scooby Doo because he's a badass.
Weirdest thing eaten:
Menudo and despite it‘s description, it's quite good.
Morning or Night:
Night person, definitely.
Favorite Food:
As a child, popcorn and, to this day, I eat it any opportunity I get.
Worst thing done as a child:
Used to play video games for at least six hours straight on the weekends (even longer sometimes) and I only used to get up to eat or go to the bathroom.
Any place in the world:
I‘d want to go to Italy, specifically Florence and then all of Sicily.
Super Hero:
Spiderman cause he‘s also a badass.
States and Countries:
Just California and the occasional Nevada and Arizona trip.
Past Era:
I‘d want to live in the Renaissance because I want to see how it started and why it changed everything.

Long Beach State Archery Club,